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The best things in life are free: Christmas display at Jerry Sy’s

2019 Christmas Display At Jerry Sy – Stonehill suites.

Every year, Jerry sy’s Christmas Display becomes more and more interactive.  This year marks the first appearance of a second floor where  people can now climb up and take selfies with the beautiful Display and the lights.   For safety reasons, the number of people allowed on top is limited .

There’s several parts to this   display.   A new addition is   an archway over the main entrance to the display .    It proudly declares “Yoyoland” . There are several  vendors around this area so its good to eat before going to the display.

Making a new appearance are these nutcracker soldiers who replaced  the two mechanical  soldiers as main sentries.  Not to worry as those two sentries  who we fondly named Ralf and Rudolph have been promoted and are now up top on the second floor.

Mr . Claus is still holding court but it’s sad to see the disappearance  of the portrait of Mr. Sy(?) as a young lad.   Apparently Santa feels the need for an electric fan   because the fireplace has gotten too hot.

The belen is back but the robes of the wise men and the holy family have been replaced by shinier fabric. Gone are the gorgeous silks and patterns but all things considering, it is for the best as those old robes were hardly weather proof!

Making a new appearance is a family of emperor penguins  . As of writing the foam machine has not yet made an appearance.


The second floor has a great  view.   Don’t drop your cellphone!

A reindeer carousel and a train delights  the viewers on the second floor.

Santa and his reindeer fly overhead.

The best things in life are free

Check out the amazing Christmas Display at Jerry Sy’s! 

Each year the display seems to be bigger and better than before.  This year (2017) the display now spans from Jerry Sy’s house to over and across the street.

This display brings back fond memories of watching the animatronic display back in the 80’s at the old China Rose near the Bacolod Public Plaza


Jerry Sy’s Christmas display now has foam bubbles! The foam gives the appearance of snow! It looks absolutely fantastic!  The kids love chasing the bubbles.

The ferris wheel that used to be on top of the house was moved across the street.
Santa and his reindeer fly across the street.

This year the decorations look even more fantastic.  There’s now a Christmas room where Santa sits in an oversize chair. A grandfather clock sits beside him while a paper fire burns merrily in a fireplace.  Across from Santa is a well-decorated Christmas Tree.

Above the fireplace is Jerry Sy’s (?) childhood photo. (not sure).  The attention to detail is quite amazing. There’s even an electric fan (lol).

What an awesome display.
Popular with kids and families!

The Ferris wheel even has a cutout where people can pose for a souvenir photo!

Couples pose for a picture!
The main gate of Jerry Sy’s house.
Christmas Trees, a clock tower, stained glass windows, moving toy soldiers angels and Disney Characters wave to the kids

This year’s Christmas display looks even better than the ones before it.  There’s finer craftsmanship and there’s a very festive atmosphere.  Despite all the new and exciting stuff, We’re glad the gorgeous nativity scene or belen is still there because JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON – it’s his birthday!

The Belen looks more awesome! There’s now a painted backdrop with floating candles.

Suggestion to Jerry Sy!  On December 25th please have a real santa claus sit in this chair and hand out candies, gifts etc!


The best part of all this is that – It’s all FREE! There’s no charge to come and enjoy the amazing Christmas Exhibit! Bring your friends, relatives to see something that is uniquely Bacolod!

Jerry Sy’s Christmas Display is located at his residence on corner 17th street, San Agustin Drive Bacolod City. Lights are turned on at 6pm.

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