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Spirits Boutique: Bacolod Christmas shopping heaven.

Shop until you drop at Bacolod’s famous Spirits Boutique! Christmas decors, gift ideas, chocolates and crafts – they’re all here at Spirits Boutique!

Entering the store will bring a smile to anyone’s faces because the interior of spirits is well lit and they have numerous items beautifully arranged in pretty displays.

The interior of Spirits Boutique.

There are numerous Santa-themed decorations on display.

Christmas mugs, Santa dishes, Santa themed jars – there’s a lot of pretty things!

Spirits Boutique also sells clothes but most of it is geared towards women which is Spirit Boutique’s target audience.  There’s a small section set aside for men and stocks the bare essentials such as underwear and socks..

Check out the big clothing section at Spirits Boutique.

Brighten up a family’s Christmas with a Nativity Set! There’s several different kinds of “Belen”. Some sets have multiple figures such as angels, the wise men, animals, etc. If you’re strapped for display space in your house, there’s also a very simple SINGLE statuette of the holy family.

If your family is into collecting miniature houses and assembling Christmas villages – you’re in for a treat! Spirits Boutique has a lot of miniature trees, christmas themed houses and miniatures to help you complete your collection.

These miniatures are simply delightful! I especially love the little greenhouse!
The greenhouse is filled with tiny shrubs and flowering plants!

Like steampunk or vintage mechanical looking stuff? There’s an area dedicated to that!

Lots of “Vintage” stuff
Christmas would not be complete without the nutcracker prince!

Bring a smile to your table with sets of beautiful tableware.  There are several tables at Spirits Boutique that are filled with beautiful items.

A lovely bird and flower themed table.
A display area with qinghua (Blue and white pottery)
The “blue” table.

There are also bottle with pretty designs painted on them!


Spirits carries over the counter medicines (no need for prescription) and vitamins. I bought a couple of cod liver oil capsules and some probiotics from them!  My advice to potential customers is to check the expiry dates of the bottles or if budget allows it , purchase a sealed, brand new bottle to avoid expired medicine.


There’s also a lot of food in Spirits Boutique!

The imported food section at Spirits

Spices, beautiful spices!

Looking at these stuff makes me hungry!!

Beauty products are also available


It’s the chocolates that make me hungry! Spirits Boutique has a lot of imported chocolates including some you don’t normally see in the local groceries.


Visit Spirits Boutique at D3 Manuela Building, San Juan street, Bacolod City

Telephone number: 433 9173

Store Hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies / incentives for this article

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