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C’s cafe reinvents itself! New Dishes and New Menu!

C’s cafe by L’fisher has undergone a new and exciting change! C’s is now not just about bread, pastries and cakes. Under the guidance of their authentic French chef, Denis Laumone they’ve added meals and gourmet dishes to their menu that will surely please everyone.

New Sandwiches arrive.

The famous cragel sandwiches which we deem to be the BEST sandwiches in Bacolod are still there!

The new member of C’s excellent Cragel sandwiches is the Mad drunken cragel. It still has the buttery-soft flaky crust of a croissant but now it is topped with a 100% pure beef brandy glazed patty, a beer-cheese sauce, bacon, caramelized onions and a fried egg.

The Mad Drunken Cragel Cut in half! 299 php

This sandwich is very filling! It is a solid meal.


New Submarine Sandwiches

C’s has expanded their sandwich selection with a fleet of Sub sandwiches!


We’re in the process of trying each one! Each Sandwich comes with chips and iced tea.

If you’ve ever wanted to try the famous Philly cheese steak sandwich – C’s has their own version. It comes pretty close to the original with slices of tender roast beef, caramelized onions and a cheese sauce.

Philly Cheese tender roast – 199php.


Main Courses

C’s now has four new dishes for their main course and three new pasta dishes.

We tried the house specialty – Pork Ribs with apples and mushrooms. We were intrigued by the concept so we ordered it.

C’s Pork Ribs with apples and mushrooms is a welcome change from the normal glazed, barbecued baby back ribs that is so common here in Bacolod City.

Pork ribs with apples and mushrooms with a side dish of sweet potato. 399 php

The pork is served with its jus – the natural juices that seep out while cooking. The ribs are slow cooked for three hours making the meat very soft and very tender. The apples give the pork a nice, mild, natural sweetness that is not overpowering while the mushrooms complement the pork flavour.

Fall off the bone soft.

Hamburger fans should give the Brandy glazed Blue cheese a try.  A 100% pure beef patty glazed with brandy sauce. stuffed with blue cheese and served with mashed potatoes.

Brandy glazed Blue cheese 219 php.


Breakfast Meals

Quiche Lorraine is a traditional French pastry made with eggs, cheese and bacon.  The quiche at C’s is very light, buttery and fluffy. Very addicting. It’s available all day, even in the evenings. It is wonderful as a quick snack or as a light breakfast. Try it along with the other dishes!

Quiche Lorraine -119 php

Try them along with the other new meals and items at C’s.


Personal Favorites and Gifts

We highly recommend the delicious Ice Cream sandwiches at C’s.  Two large chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in the middle.  They are BIG.

Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiches. 60 php.

It’s Christmas and the famous chocolate santas are out again. These Santas are made with milk chocolate, are BIG and quite EDIBLE. Priced at only 250 php these are excellent for office parties, gifts and centerpieces.  Make sure you put them in the chiller because they will melt!

Chocolate Santa 250 php

Our friends had a little too much fun with the chocolate Santa.

Outdoor dining area

C’s expanded their outdoor dining area. This is part of their new concept called “C’s by night” that envisions C’s to be a cool place to dine and hang out during the night and enjoy premium meal items such as wines, cheeses and cold cuts.

The new dining area at C’s.
Sit and watch the world go by.



There’s a lot of new and exciting things going on at C’s. It is so nice that they are constantly reinventing themselves and coming out with new stuff!  See you guys at C’s.


C’s Cafe is located beside L’fisher hotel Bacolod on corner 15th and Lacson streets.

Telephone number: (034) 433 3731


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any Freebies, free food or payments in exchange for this review. 


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