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The best Sandwiches in Bacolod are at C’s Cafe L’Fisher!

C’s Cafe in L’Fisher has come up with new sandwich creations which are so extremely delicious that we had to write about them!

Head Pastry Chef Denis Laumone felt the need to have sandwiches on the C’s Cafe menu as a pleasantly savory counterpoint to the luscious cakes and pastries that C’s offers. He created the cragel a combination of a chewy filling bagel and the delicious buttery flakiness of a croissant.   

C’s has two kind of Cragels. Pastrami and Smoked Salmon Cragel.  These are without question the best sandwiches in Bacolod!    First I tried the Pastrami cragel.   Priced at an affordable 120 php, this sandwich is really good value for your money!

C’s Pastrami Cragel served with a side of Potato wedges.

Light, flaky, buttery layers of pastry on the outside but a firm chewy layer on the inside – that’s what a cragel is all about.  Generous slices of Black Pepper Pastrami, sweet pickles, tomatoes and fresh Red leaf lettuce combine together in the inside to create a medley of flavours.  The rich meaty taste of the pastrami is enhanced by slices of crisp fried potato wedges served on the side with dips of mustard, catsup and mayonnaise.

Amazing value for your money at 120 php.

We returned another day to try their Smoked Salmon cragel. This is a bit pricier at 240 php but you get an amazing sandwich with premium ingredients. Worth every penny especially to Salmon lovers like me!

Smoked Salmon Cragel

Instead of Pastrami, generous slices of Smoked Salmon are combined within the cragel with a piquant cream cheese sauce infused with dill – a herb that goes extremely well with fish.


I absolutely adore these sandwiches and I am heartily recommending these awesome offerings from C’s!  These are a pleasant addition to the dining scene of Bacolod!


14th Lacson Street, L’fisher Hotel Bacolod City

Telephone number: (034) 433 3731



2 comments on “The best Sandwiches in Bacolod are at C’s Cafe L’Fisher!

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