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Salgado’s Kitchen: Famous Family recipes

Family recipes are passed down through generations.  With the passing of the years, the recipes become refined, become an art. Perfected.  There’s a restaurant in Bacolod that is famous for its food made from their family recipes. Visit Salgado’s Kitchen for an amazing gastronomic experience that is also easy on the pocket!

The entrance to Salgado’s Kitchen

Salgado’s Kitchen has two dining areas. The ground floor is the most crowded area and when this place gets full the second floor dining area opens.

Salgado’s gets very full around lunchtime so if you and your friends are coming around that time we suggest calling ahead to place your orders. If you don’t, the food might get delayed because of the huge amount of other customers.

The crowded dining area.

We started off with their most popular dish – Adobo flakes!

The famous Adobo flakes! An amazing deal at just 90 php!

The adobo flakes are VERY good. The flakes were made following the Salgado’s traditional family recipe and the quality of this dish is top notch!

For just 90 pesos, you get two cups of rice and a generous helping of adobo flakes.  The adobo flakes are perfect!  They are dry – almost powdery in texture and they are sprinkled with a generous amount of fried garlic.

Each bite is packed with flavor. It is amazing! For extra gastronomic pleasure drizzle your rice with the provided chicken/achuete oil.

Dry, crunchy and with plenty of garlic.

The Sate Spareribs are spareribs doused with a sweetish peanut sauce. This is also a great dish although we wished that there was a bit more quality control (more meat) because we had a long bone that took up approximately 25% of the portion size. Despite that, this is is a good meal to have. It nails the sweet-savory taste flavor profile that appeals to Filipinos.

Sate Spareribs- 110 php

Sisig also makes an appearance on Salgado’s Kitchen menu.  Consisting of meat, onions and peppers all fried up and served with rice topped with an egg – this meal is also a good deal at just 100 pesos.

Sisig – 100 php

Big and tasty – that is how we describe the back ribs here at Salgado’s Kitchen. 150 php will get you two cups of rice, a generous portion of barbecued ribs plus a cute pitcher filled with back rib sauce.

Backribs – 150 php

Salgado’s Kitchen started in 2014 and is still going strong today. The restaurant gained a cult following via word of mouth and became popular due to its good food and its policy of putting the customers needs first.

Visit them at:

Salgado’s Kitchen

#3 Dona Juliana San Sebastian Sts.
6100 Bacolod City

Telephone number: (034) 434 2863

10:30 am to 8:00 pm

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies, incentives or payment from Salgado’s Kitchen for this review.

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