Kapihan sa Kilid Dalan

9th Streat Food Zone is quickly becoming one of the best places to eat in Bacolod City. The most popular restaurant there is Kapihan sa Kilid Dalan (KKD).  They’ve got a winning combination of cheap but good food!

There are queues lining up every afternoon when school lets out.

Kapihan sa Kilid Dalan is like an Anti Starbucks. There’s no pastries, air-conditioning or imported fancy coffee beans. KKD uses native coffee in their drinks. By buying their drinks not only are you helping local coffee growers and farmers, you are also contributing to Bacolod’s local economy.  It’s awesome!

The interior of Kapihan sa Kilid Dalan.

I tried out their Native Coffee Frappe with coffee Jelly. There are two sizes – the smallest one is priced at 45 pesos while the big size which I got was priced at only 65 pesos.  VERY cheap!

Native Iced Coffee with Ice cream!

You can opt to have whipped cream or ice cream as a topping for your mixed drink.  If you want a really creamy drink – choose whipped cream.  If you want a sweeter, lighter drink –  choose the ice cream.

Kapihan sa Kilid Dalan also has meals good for sharing.  We chose our orders based on the recommendations of their friendly cashier.

Duterd’s burger with fries and drink – 160 php          KKD’s Nachos – 100php


The Duterd’s burger is humorously named after our beloved president.  It is of much better quality than a Big Mac which is also around the same price. It comes with fries and a glass of iced tea. The fries needed to be fried a little more to make them crispier but overall we liked this amazing combo.

Duterd’s burger with fries and drink – 160 php

Kapihan Sa Kilid Dalan has a delicious, budget friendly “Nacho” Platter.  The chips aren’t real corn Nachos but instead are fried wonton wrappers. However the combination of cheese sauce, ground beef, mayo, grated cheese and hot sauce is so DELICIOUS!  This is very addicting.  Share it with friends because one dish of this is very filling.

Nachos – 100php.

If you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends or just hang out, you can’t go wrong with Kapihan sa Kilid Dalan.  They are located at the new 9th Streat Food Zone located at 9th Street, corner Lacson Street Bacolod City.

9th Streat Food Zone.

Kapihan sa Kilid Dalan

Telephone number: (034) 441 7721

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies, money or cash for this review.


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