Bowlero: Mongolian Bowl is back and serving you guys at their new address at the Art District in Bacolod City! Bowlero is one of the handfuls of restaurants at the art district – considered by many to be the haven and hang out of Negrense artists and the artistically inclined.

You can’t miss Bowlero Mongolian Bowl! It’s at the Main Entrance to the art district with a red volkswagen facade! The mascots are Bowlero – the Mongol Warrior, Macho Maching the monkey and Vega (Vega On) their female friend.

The newest incarnation of the Bowlero Restaurant is very nice and pretty. Bowlero Mongolian Bowl opened last December 2020 and now they’re fully open starting from January 2021. The inside is done in vibrant colors. Bowlero Mongolian Bowl is open air, with plenty of natural lighting and fresh air circulating around the restaurant.

The Interior of Bowlero Mongolian Bowl has bright and colorful murals of a Mongol warrior!
There’s plenty of seating at Bowlero Mongolian Bowl. You can sit and have a great view of Lacson street and the Santa Clara Main road.

A Mongolian bowl is basically a hodgepodge of vegetables, meat and sauces all mixed up together and stir fried. This is said to have originated from the Mongolian Steppes where the Mongols would mix up in big woks whatever meat, vegetables and ingredients they had on hand.

Filipinos took to the Mongolian Bowl trend like ducks take to water. At the peak of its popularity in the late 90’s there were hundreds of Mongolian bowl restaurants in the Philippines.

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl has a simple menu. You can customize the menu and add on veggies, noodles and lots of stuff to your mongolian bowl. What we really liked was the option of changing the rice to noodles! Wow!

For vegans -There’s also a vegetarian option. We picked a beef bowl with the house special Bowlero sauce which is Sweet, Mildly spicy and a bit garlicky.

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl’s Menu.

We really liked the customer service at Bowlero Mongolian Bowl! The staff were all dressed in cute black shirts that had a tuxedo design on them! Very posh looking! You can also see the staff as they cook your order because bowlero has big glass windows that allow viewing of their kitchen.

Our order soon arrived and it was time to dig in!

The staff at Bowlero Mongolian Bowl

There are cute “hugot” lines on every bowl! It’s a nice touch that will bring a smile to your face as you eat your order.

Some of the lines are so silly, you just have to laugh!

We enjoyed our Mongolian Bowl at Bowlero. The default recipe (Bowlero sauce) was not overly salty or sweet. It had garlic chips which took the flavor up a notch. The vegetables were a little firm and crunchy. Overall, it was a nice enjoyable meal to have and a great start to the year of 2021!

There’s a last, parting smile that Bowlero Mongolian Bowl will wring from your faces – the bill comes in this absolutely CUTE plastic sword. I mean, isn’t that adorable? The events of 2020 had us traumatized, we need every reason to smile this 2021.

After having your hearty meal, walk off the extra calories by exploring the Art district! There’s tons of places to look at and enjoy!

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl is located at The Art District, Lacson Street, Brgy Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Philippines.

They’re open from 10:30am to 7:00pm Mondays to Sundays

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl Telephone Number: +639459888380

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl Official Facebook page

Bowlero was conceived and created by Manuel Yulo Barandiran – a friendly guy who’s always willing to cook for his customers!

Here he is cooking up our order in Bowlero’s old location

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