Bowlero is one of the many establishments in the new “9th Streat Food Zone.” 

This food park in Bacolod is located at 9th street, corner Lacson street.  The primary clientele consists of students and yuppies.

9th Streat Food Zone primary decor consists of rows of plastic trees with colorful lights. By day they look very pretty…

9th streat Food Zone.

…and at night they look extremely fancy and elegant.


Most of the restaurants here open late in the afternoon but some places are open for lunch.

We decided to try out Bowlero – one of the new restaurants that opened. It is a very cheerful store, everything is well lit and appealing.

Bowlero: serving Beer and Mongolian Bowls.

Bowlero was on their soft opening when we visited. We couldn’t help but be impressed with their very nice display shelf which protects the various vegetable and meats from dust and contamination.

A Mongol bowl is basically a hodgepodge of vegetables, meat and sauces all mixed up together and stir fried. You are given a bowl that you can fill up with as many ingredients as you want and then it will be cooked and served.

Bowlero has a wide range of Ingredients available!

My friend Don Ackerman was super impressed with the wide selection of vegetables. He’s a bit of a health nut so he was VERY happy with the fresh vegetables at Bowlero.

Don mugging for the camera.

The tricky part at Bowlero is mixing your own sauce for the Mongol Bowl.  There’s a lot of sauces, dry spices like Rosemary, Bay leaves, Cumin and Paprika just to name a few. You can really customize the way your food tastes.

If you’re a total noob like Don, you can simply request the wait staff to mix your sauce for you.

Bowlero’s many spices
The staff doing a brisk stir- fry.
It looks great!

Bowlero was conceived and created by Manuel Yulo Barandiran – a friendly guy who’s always willing to cook for his customers!

Here he is cooking up our order!

Bowlero is on its soft opening so they’re still ironing out the kinks in their operation and adding new ingredients. Their Mongol Bowls are quite okay – they’re very healthy and you can customize what goes into your food which is definitely a plus for those trying to watch their sodium and fat intake.

Bowlero opens  4pm-12am daily.

9th Streat Food Zone is located where the old Island Spoon used to be at corner 9th Street – Lacson Streets.

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