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Mila’s Restaurant Bacolod: Potato cake, Filipino bread and meals

Mila’s Restaurant of Hinigaran is finally here! Mila’s is a popular bakery and coffee shop that is known for its delicious Filipino breads and its trademark delicacy: Potato Cake 

Mila’s opened a branch at Robinson’s Triangle Bacolod along B.S. Aquino road. (at the Shopping area of Bacolod) It has a very distinct look that you can’t miss.


Mila’s is very popular In the afternoons there are crowds of people lining up to sample the different Filipino delicacies and pastries

It’s crowded!

Here’s a tip: Come early and not in the late afternoons.  3pm is when it starts getting busy.  If you arrive late there’s a chance that the breads will be sold out and you will have to wait until they prepare another batch.

Here’s some of the available goodies that Mila’s Restaurant has to offer:

Pizza Pan:  At only 7 pesos, a slice of this bread is a good deal. It already has bell peppers, cheese and some ham.

Pizza Pan 7php

Chicken ala King: Creamy chicken topped with cheese inside toasted bread. A Filipino favorite most commonly seen at parties.

Chicken ala king 28 php

Chicken puto pao: It’s puto! Mila’s restaurant has fluffy rice cakes topped with cheese and stuffed with a little bit of chicken! It’s also a good deal for 7 pesos.

Chicken puto pao 7 php

Chicken Pie: 17 pesos will get you an egg glazed pastry filled with chicken.

Chicken pie 17 php


Royal Bibingka: This is a bigger, more cake like version of regular bibingka. Topped with plenty of grated cheese and dusted with sugar. Tastes ok.

Royal bibingka 21 php

Bitchokoy: This is one of the most popular breads that Mila’s serves. 11 pesos will get you a nice long thick bread that is stuffed with cheese. Very filling.

Bitchokoy 11 php

Buko pie: These are more like tiny coconut tarts. Ok for the price.

Buko pie 22 php


Swiss Chocolate Cake:  Not as good as their Potato cake to be honest. Just ok.

Swiss Chocolate Cake 40 php.

Black Sambo: Lovely jelly-like dessert of cream and chocolate. Price is cheap too!

Black sambo 30 php


And finally the famous potato cake that has potato flour/potato starch in it 39 php per slice!

Potato Cake slice 39 php

The top sellers of Mila’s are bitchokoy and Potato cake. These sell out really fast. There’s a smaller version of the potato cake which are the potato squares.  We highly recommend these for those who just want a taste because this is not as thick as the regular potato cake slice but just as sweet and delicious tasting.

Bitchokoy (fried bread stuffed with cheese) and Potato cake / squares

My absolute favorite is the Bitchokoy. The bread is perfectly fried at the proper temperature so it forms a protective crust which prevents the oil from seeping inside. It is very good especially when it is hot because the inside is stuffed with cheese that melts a little bit! Very delicious.  Although it is coated with sugar you can scrape it off if you’re watching your sugar intake.

Bitchokoy – sells out really fast!

The potato cake is a layered cake with a buttercream icing and a crunchy caramel topping. Very tasty and VERY sweet.   Quite addicting but too much of this may not be good for your health.

Potato Cake Slice 39 php

The caramel sugar topping is really thick so I recommend scraping at least 75% of it off  if you’re watching your sugar intake or stick to the potato squares.  The cake itself is moist and soft and it is pretty good.


Remember – sweets in moderation! Mila’s Restaurant also serves meals and other filipino dishes but really, all that everyone wants to eat are their delicious pastries.  🙂

Mila’s Restaurant is located at Robinson’s Triangle Shopping area along B.S. Aquino drive.

Open Monday to Friday 8:30am – 7pm

Saturdays 8:30am – 6pm

Telephone number: (034) 213 9440

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, items or sponsorships for this review.



2 comments on “Mila’s Restaurant Bacolod: Potato cake, Filipino bread and meals

  1. Martin, where can i buy rye bread flour wholesale in Bacolod? I must have for a special diet, your pal, Big John wessel

    • Martin Banana

      JOHN! So sorry for the late response – try visiting chefs and bakers in Bacolod – just google it -you can ask them to order it for you if you need it badly

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