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Herokami: Bacolod’s First Anime themed Cafe

Do you love Anime, toy figures and Japanese culture? Bacolod City has Herokami, a delightful anime themed cafe that will appeal to your inner anime fan!

Herokami cafe is located at J Building, Galo Locsin street 6100 Bacolod City

Herokami is a portmanteau of two words “Hero” and “Kami”. You can interpret it as “We’re heroes”  or if in Japanese it means “Hero Gods.”  Either meaning is fine because Herokami cafe is simply extraordinary.

The inside of the cafe has a plenthora of toys and posters on display.  Anime fan will feel right at home as the owners of the cafe are big anime fans themselves.

The interior of Herokami cafe

The shop is dominated by several glass display cases filled with figures from the owners own personal collection.


There’s a lot to see here. Looking at these figures will bring a smile to your face. Some of the toys on collection are from beloved classic anime series that were popular in the Philippines.


A group of toys caught my eye – They’re the characters from Yu yu Hakusho (Ghost fighter)!


Ghost Fighter was a very popular anime show in the late 90’s.

The gang’s all here!

There all sorts of Figures ranging from classic 1970’s anime to more recent ones such as One Piece.

One piece figures

We love the diverse collection of Toys!

Astroboy and Gundam

All of these figures are authentic and lovingly displayed. In a world filled with counterfeit toys and goods it is nice to see that the owners really are against piracy and by displaying their toys, encourage others to buy the real thing.

Herokami also has a thriving community of anime fans. Their event board is filled with photos of customers and anime events.


The food at Herokami isn’t expensive because most of their customers are young adults and students.  Most of the items on the menu are low-priced with most meals below 100 pesos.

Herokami’s menu board.

The Tables are covered with diagrams of Gundams and the Herokami logo. A very nice touch.


Herokami has the usual things that students like. We ordered a few of their dishes to taste what they had to offer.

Hungarian Sausage and Rice


Stuffed Potato Croquette


Hazelnut Toast


The food is surprisingly decent. It won’t win any awards but the low prices are perfect for the average student.

Herokami is a great place to drop by and visit if you have kids, love anime or if you have an interest in toy collecting.  We love the owners’ passion and the wonderful community of young people who are simply doing what they love.

Herokami Cafe, J Building, Galo Locsin street 6100 Bacolod City

Telephone number: 0932 489 4619

Opens Monday to Saturday 11am to 9pm

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