Yong Tho Taoist Temple

Are you interested in the Taoist religion or Asian Art? You’ll enjoy a visit to the beautiful Yong Tho Taoist Temple on Camunsil street, La Salle Ville Subdivision in Bacolod City!


Yong Tho temple is a small taoist temple that’s tucked away on Council Street near La Salle Santuario.  It’s so beautiful inside but there are a couple of rules that strictly must be followed when you visit Yong Tho temple. Remember, you are entering a place of worship and you must respect the rules.

1.) Talk to guard on duty and ask permission if it is okay to visit.  There might be temple services happening and they won’t be accepting visitors.

2.) Shorts, slippers, sexy and revealing clothing is strictly not allowed.

3.) It is not allowed to take pictures of the altar or go inside the altar rooms

4.) Loud noises, shouting, obscene, disrespectful and provocative poses are not allowed.

Read the rules? Great – now it’s time to visit the Yong Tho Temple!

The very first thing that you will see is the temple itself and its magnificent dragons on the roof.  There is a small lotus pond in front of the temple that occasionally has blooming lotus flowers.


Yong Tho Taoist Temple has several examples of beautiful Asian art.  Our favourites are the tiny beasts that are arranged all around the perimeter of the temples’ roof.


These tiny beasts are very well sculpted and appear to be guardians of some sort. We love looking at them!


Near the main entrance of the temple are sculptured dragons twining around pillars!  These have metal “whiskers” and they have huge amounts of detail.


Your guests will have a great time visiting Yong Tho temple.  It’s something special that can be found in Bacolod. Remember to follow the rules and be respectful – you will have a great time!

Here’s our video of our visit to Yong Tho Temple!

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