Old Pictures: A History of Bacolod City from Past to Present

Check out this awesome video about the history and transformation of Bacolod City through the ages from the Spanish, American Eras all throughout World War II to the present day.

Have you ever heard about the “Great Fire of Bacolod” that destroyed 90% of the downtown area?  Did you know that there was a pillbox built by the Japanese that housed explosives that would blow up the entire city if it was detonated?  Have you ever heard tales of the famous “University Club” where the rich and elite of Bacolod gathered?

Bacolod City Tour guide and  Bacolod Department of Tourism staff Raymond Bayot discusses all of these and more including several iconic buildings that still stand today, instantly recognizable.  The years melt away in this video – recorded during one of his lectures.

Clocking in at 1 hour and 18 minutes long – this video will make you laugh, gasp and wonder at how our city has changed over the years.  (Heavy use of Hiligaynon language)

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