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The Glutfather Cartel Café: A Gangster themed cafe / restaurant in Bacolod City

Would  you like to eat at a Gangster themed cafe?   There are many fun and quirky themed cafés in Bacolod city but The Glutfather Cartel Café is the very first mob inspired café in Bacolod City.

This cool place is located in Eroreco Subdivision Bacolod City and its quirky decor and food is bringing in the patrons.


The Glutfather Café is well lit and there is plenty of light.  Tables and benches are simple wooden ones. A large mirror makes the café look bigger and adds depth of space.


A large mural decorates one of the walls.  There are portraits of gangsters.  Very selfie – friendly.


Arranged all around the restaurant are framed mugshots.  These are very nice and add atmosphere to the place.


The Glutfather Cartel Café has a television and a sound system set up to play either documentaries (on loop) or a bunch of Frank Sinatra / 1940’s music.  Very thematic.  The old style of music really elevates the place by making it feel more classy.


The Glutfather Cartel Café has outside seating with barrel tables.  It’s a clever nod to the prohibition era during which crime and gangsters flourished. Once again we were impressed by the attention to keeping with the gangster theme.


It’s time to eat!  We ordered the food – our orders arrived quickly.  Based on the recommendation of the waiter we got their best sellers.


The waiter recommended their backribs so we did – it was okay. Pork Ribs covered in a sweet barbecue sauce with fried garlic bits and topped with parsley.  It came with a side of atchara (papaya pickles)


The Crab sisig is really good.  There’s a lot of it and this dish filled me up.  It’s crabmeat and its well seasoned, cooked on a sizzling plate and topped with an egg. I’ve returned twice and ordered the sisig each time.


We ordered the bangus lumpia too.  It was chopped up awkwardly but the taste is just ok.


Overall, we like The Glutfather Cartel Cafe. It’s definitely worth visiting. The food is cheap and affordable.

They’ve recently opened so they’re still creating new dishes and menus.  What they need to do is develop an Italian house specialty dish – create one dish and make it the best ITALIAN dish ever, something that they can be known for.

The Glutfather Cafe is located at 26-06 Margarita St. Eroreco Subd. Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Telephone number: 0995 176 7886

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