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Temple Run: Visit these Amazing Buddhist and Taoist Temples in Bacolod City.

Did you know that there are several Buddhist and Taoist temples here in Bacolod City? Try and visit these amazing temples for a fantastic experience. Do a temple run – visit all three temples in Bacolod City.

Here’s some rules when visiting the temples here in Bacolod City.

1.) The first and most important rule: Talk to guard or staff on duty and ask permission if it is okay to visit.  There might be temple services happening and they won’t be accepting visitors.

2.) Shorts, slippers, sexy and revealing clothing is strictly not allowed.

3.) It is not allowed to take pictures of the altar or go inside the altar rooms without permission. Ask the staff about the areas where visitors are allowed.

4.) Loud noises, shouting, obscene, disrespectful and provocative poses are not allowed.

Ready to begin your temple run? Read on!

Yong Tho Taoist Temple

We’ve previously written about the Yong Tho Taoist Temple. (click on this to view our article on it.)

The Yong Tho Taoist Temple is a lesser known temple in Bacolod City, partly because it is hidden on Camunsil Street, La Salleville Subdivision. This is a good place to start your temple run!

Yong Tho Taoist Temple

Yong Tho Taoist Temple in Bacolod City is a great place to visit because it’s a small temple and you can easily see great examples of Chinese art. There are several small shrines around the temple grounds but these are strictly off limits to enter. There’s plenty of cool artsy stuff that you could see around the temple area without having to go inside.

There’s a lot of gorgeous art to see.

We’ve made a video of the Yong Tho Taoist Temple! Check it out here.

Yong Tho Taoist Temple is located near the Bacolod Shopping Area. You can walk to the temple from Robinson’s Triangle or take a tricycle (10 pesos) to the temple.

Fa Tzang Temple

Fa Tzang Temple is located a short distance away from the Yong Tho Taoist temple . It’s super easy to walk there – or to take a trike.

Fa Tzang Temple is on the corner of 6th and Anahaw streets. It is the biggest temple in Bacolod City and it even has a bridge that spans a creek.

Fa Tzang Temple

The Fa Tsang Temple grounds are magnificent. The temple has a long flight of stairs leading to the altar room. Going up to the altar room is not allowed but you can take pictures on the stairs and near the guardian lions.

We just love these cute stone lions. They’re actually a pair and they symbolize Yin and Yang. (female and male.) It’s actually pretty easy to tell them apart.

A male stone lion.

A male stone lion symbolizes Yang. They have their right paw on a ball. Traditionally, the male lion is said to guard the structure or building.

The female lion represents Yin. They are identical to the male lion but under their right paw, the female lion holds a lion cub. Very cute! The female lion guards the family or the people inside the structure.

Fa Tzang Temple also has a bridge that leads to lumbini park.

Going to Fa Tzang Temple is extremely easy. Take a tricycle from Robinson’s Triangle in Shopping. A major landmark to remember is that it’s also beside Nena’s Rose, a popular chicken restaurant. Like the Yong Tho Temple, Fa Tzang Temple is also located in the Shopping area of Bacolod City.

Fo Guang Shang Yuan Thong Temple

The FGS Yuan Thong Temple is the most popular temple in Bacolod City. This temple has festivities during the Chinese New Year. Everyone can visit and join in the fun! Check out our previous article about the temple. (Click here)

There’s so many fun activities that happen at the Yuan Thong Temple during the Chinese New Year. There’s Vegetarian Chinese Food, Photo opportunities, dancing and a lot of other fun stuff.

The main altar room is allowed to be visited during this time and you can take pictures. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the Buddhist Religion and experience Buddhist religion art.

There are volunteers/temple staff in this area so simply approach them and ask any questions that you might have – they’re happy to answer anything that’s on your mind.

We especially like the little statues along the walls. There’s thousands of them. It’s a beautiful and fantastic sight.

Fo Guang Shan Yuan Thong Temple is also a Buddhist College. For those interested, they offer classes in Buddhism, meditation and other services. Check out this video.

FGS Yuan Thong Temple is located on 2876 Burgos Street, near Lopue’s east. If commuting, simply take the Homesite – Central Market Jeeps or the Sta Fe-Central Market Jeeps. Their route takes them right in front of the temple gates.

And that’s it for the temple run in Bacolod! It’s a fascinating experience to visit all these beautiful temples in Bacolod City.

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