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Tuna Republik Bacolod: Best Tuna restaurant in Bacolod City!

Ahoy Mateys! Read our article about Tuna Republik Bacolod, the newest all-tuna seafood restaurant in Bacolod City! This seafood restaurant is very popular with all ages from adults to kids. There’s something for everyone!

Bacolod City is blessed with an abundance of seafood. There’s seafood restaurants everywhere you look. Last year, we covered the fantastic Mei’s Salmon house where you could have eat all you can Salmon. Now Tuna Republik is here! It may not be eat all you can but Tuna Republik serves all tuna dishes at fantastic prices! Read more below!

Tuna Republik is located at Food Central Bacolod, 73rd Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

Tuna Republik Bacolod has a section that is open air and the other section is air conditioned and enclosed. There is no extra charge according to the management for sitting in the air conditioned area. The open air area is quite cool, open to the breeze. It also has a great view of Food Central’s garden.

The beautiful dining area.
The air conditioned dining area is a bit more crowded. The chairs and tables are just packed in there.

Ordering is easy at Tuna Republik:

Just go to the counter, look at the pictures and tell the waitresses/waiter what you want to order.
You can select several dishes that are all made out of tuna! Very nice! Don’t forget your number!

The counter where you order at Tuna Republik.

There are many different things on the menu. They’re all dishes that Filipinos love to eat. Most of them are Filipino dishes except for the Tuna Sashimi (Japanese) and the Tuna nuggets. The Tuna nuggets is sure to be a big hit with kids (and adults) who are hesitant to try tuna. We tried ordering as much as possible but we got full after ordering 70% on the menu. Read more below!

Tuna belly – Basically a Slice of tuna, marinated and grilled on a stick. Prices range from 250-300 pesos. Most of the time, the slices don’t exceed 300 pesos in price. The Priciest cuts aren’t tuna belly and are massive – reaching up to 800 pesos per slab.

Tuna Belly on a stick. Go to the counter and pick the slice that you want to order. The prices are written on the stick.

Tuna back ribs? – No, these are not tuna baby back ribs but they sure do look like it~

Larger chunks cost more and can reach up to 770 pesos.

There are also some other fishes that you can have grilled. These look very nice and fresh.

At Tuna Republik Bacolod they baste the fish with a marinade while they grill it to give it some flavor. We chose the spicy marinade. All in all, not a bad piece of fish.

Tuna Popsicle.

Spicy Bagaybay – This is Tuna innards/intestines. Not exactly our favourite so we didn’t order it.

Tuna Tinola – A clear soup with plenty of ginger, vegetables and tuna slices. This is priced at 120 php. We liked it. It was flavorful with a decent amount of fish . Basically, thin shavings of tuna. Not bad for the price. Tuna Republik Bacolod serves the tuna tinola in a metal pot. There was certainly a lot of soup and fish – a single order is good for two people.

Tuna Tinola – this simmering broth is a pleasing pre-meal appetizer. They serve this soup piping HOT.

Tuna sisig – This is a popular Filipino dish. Finely chopped up Tuna is browned on a frying pan until the bits are crispy. Tuna republik then serves it to you with an egg on top. Very nice and appealing presentation. This costs just 120 php and can serve 1-2 people. Tuna Republik’s Tuna sisig is less oily than regular sisig but the taste is just as fantastic.

Tuna Republik’s Tuna Sisig.

Next up are the raw stuff: Tuna Sashimi and Tuna Kinilaw.

Tuna Sashimi – Chunks of raw tuna that you dip into wasabi and soy sauce. Very self explanatory. This costs 120 php. Not a big fan of this but its pretty good for the price.

Tuna Sashimi

Tuna Kinilaw – Or commonly known as Tuna ceviche. It’s a flavorful blend of vinegar, ginger and red onion. Very nice! We prefer this more than the Tuna Sashimi.

Protip: Ask for soy sauce and wasabi to dip the ceviche in.

This Tuna Ceviche is really popular.

The last thing that we were able to try was the Tuna Dynamite. Or basically Tuna lumpia. There’s a piece of spicy pepper in the middle of each dynamite which will make you go reaching for the nearest glass of water. 95 php

Be warned – It’s spicy!

Next on our list to try: The Tuna head paksiw, The Tuna Nuggets and the tuna pancit which we’ve heard is really good.

What a feast! We couldn’t get everything in this shot!

Super Protip: Don’t forget to ask the staff for a discount card! You get a whopping 10% off your bill. It’s like a loyalty card but even better. Plus, It has no expiry!

Opening hours and location

Tuna Republik is located inside the Food Central Compound Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines on 73rd Lacson Street. Food Central Bacolod is a new Food Park and the entrance is right beside Daebak Restaurant.

They’re open from 10am -2pm then open again from 2pm -10pm, Mondays to Sundays.
Their contact/phone number is: 0917 705 2761
Official Facebook page:

Check out our Youtube Video of our visit to Tuna Republik.

The Bacolod Food hunters did not accept any freebies or payment for this article. Blogging is a Hobby for us. We pay for our own food and purchases. We practice ethical blogging.

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