Samgyupsal Chango is a new Korean BBQ restaurant in Bacolod City. This is a very eye catching and unique restaurant that tries to reinvent the way Samgyeopsal is served. Samgyeopsal is a Korean dish in which the diners grill slices of meat at the table.

Samgyupsal Chango is a big restaurant.. It is located on a big lot on La Salle Avenue between USLS and Saint Scholastica’s Academy. There’s a lot of interest in this restaurant so we went and visited it! Here are our impressions:

Samgyupsal Chango is on La Salle Avenue – on the road to Saint Scholastica’s Academy.
Very cute and cool sign.

Samgyupsal Chango is an open air restaurant. There are no walls. This lets the cool air come in the restaurant and at the same time allows the smoke from the grill to escape. We went there for dinner and tried their Samgyeopsal.

The interior of Samgyupsal Chango

We’re not a big fan of the “floor” of Samgyupsal Chango. It is rough gravel which is difficult to properly clean after restaurant operations. The rough gravel also makes it difficult for diners to sit properly as the chairs are uneven on the rough gravel.

Chairs and tables at Samgyeopsal Chango

Samgyupsal Chango only serves Samgyeopsal. If you want to avail of the unlimited promo, you need to have 2 diners at minimum.

The lowest priced tier is 299 pesos. Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited PORK BELLY
  • Unlimited Rice
  • 1 glass of iced tea for each diner
  • Unlimited Side dishes
  • Unlimited Lettuce and Chinese Pechay (mixed)
  • One free Round of Soup

For the higher priced tier it’s 399 pesos. Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited BEEF and PORK BELLY
  • Unlimited Rice
  • 1 glass of Iced tea for each diner
  • Unlimited side dishes
  • Unlimited Lettuce and Chinese Pechay (mixed)
  • One free round of soup
The banchan or side dishes at Samgyupsal Chango: Beansprouts, pechay, pickled radish and Kimchi

We really liked the roasted sweet potato! It is the Taiwanese sweet potato variety. It is bright orange and not so overly starchy. Very nice.

Now, the Samgyeopsal here is very different. Diners do not have a grill or anything at the table. Instead, the grilling is done by the kitchen and when the food is cooked, it is brought to your table. It’s an interesting concept.


To keep costs down they grill on cast iron plates and on coal fires. This makes the restaurant still smokey despite it being an open air restaurant.

Overall, I must say that I’m not a fan of this concept because if you have 30 diners at once – all of them have to wait their turn for the cook to finish grilling their meats. In Samgyupsal Chango there is no way that much meat can be cooked unlike a traditional samgyeopsal restaurant where there are grills on every table.

When we visited the restaurant the cook and waitresses seemed overwhelmed with the different diners, rushing to prepare orders and refilling plates. Service was on the slow side but I think will get better soon as the staff gets accustomed to handling a high customer load.

Overall, Samgyupsal Chango is just okay. We really liked the unli beef and the banchan. If you’re in the LaSalle area and in the mood for Samyupsal, give them a go.

Samgyupsal Chango is open from 11am – 2pm and open from 5pm to 9pm. It’s great to have another Korean Samgyupsal restaurant in Bacolod City.


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