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2019 Fo Guang Shan Yuan thong 圓通寺 Buddhist temple visit. Visit this place during the Chinese New Year!

It’s Chinese New Year Once again in Bacolod City and it’s once again time to visit the Yuan thong 圓通寺 Buddhist temple!  Yuan thong Buddhist temple is located on Burgos street and it opens its doors once a year to the public for the Chinese New Year celebrations. (Free admission!)


The grounds are decorated with lights and lanterns.  There are several booths that are also open in the main grounds. Some booths have activities such as a wishing booth where you write down your wish on a piece of paper, stick it on a tree and you may then throw a coin into the fountain.  Take care to hit the bell with your coin to make it ring. It is considered lucky!



A cute wish that we saw on the wishing tree.

This ss the main temple grounds in front of the entrance! It is very festive and decorated in the Year of The Pig Motif.


The bottom entrance leads to a hall.  Beautiful statues were out on display.


In the main hall, there are traditional chinese costumes that you could wear and pose for a picture.  They even have costumes for the little kids!



This family gamely posed for a picture.  How nice!!


After visiting downstairs it was time to go up to the main temple hall.  The view from the top of the hall is very pretty.


And here is the grand hall with all sorts of statues, offerings and lights.  A lady offered to show me how to properly pray and offer a lighted candle to the altar.


Every corner of this room is decorated with writings, statues and sculptures.


The walls are covered with little buddhas. It’s awesome to see!


After all that moving around it was time to head downstairs for food!  There were lots of Chinese delicacies from the booths


They also sold fresh, hot vegetarian steamed buns and fresh lumpia from a steamer.  Very good!


Hoping you’ll all have a wonderful year, readers!


Here’s our video on Yuan Thong Buddhist temple


Fo Guang Shan Bacolod Yuan thong 圓通寺 Buddhist temple is located at Burgos street, Bacolod City in front of the Tourist Inn

Official Facebook Page:

Telephone number: (034) 432 2733

Notes: Yuan thong buddhist temple is extremely difficult to contact via their Facebook page and via their listed phone number.   



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