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Power Up Rock Outdoor Center: Wall climbing in Bacolod City

Bacolod City now has so many fun activities to do!  If you’re looking for a fun, safe low budget sport or hobby why not try Wall Climbing?  Power Up Rock Outdoor Center is a place in Bacolod City that allows you to experience a lot of thrills right in the middle of the city.

Power Up Rock outdoor Center is located on 11th street, Bacolod City.

One of our friends had a daughter who was doing wall climbing as one of her hobbies so we tagged along.  It was our first time at Power Up Rock Outdoor Center. We noticed that the walls are divided into sections. The hardest sections had slopes and areas where you have to hang from the ceiling.
We met Anya, her brothers and other kids who were doing wall climbing. We were amazed that these kids were able to scurry up the sides of the wall with ease.


Power Up Rock Outdoor center has several rates.

210 pesos – comes with unlimited whole day with gear rental and belay fee.

50 pesos – one climb attempt plus gear and belay fee.

1300 – 10 sessions, valid for 10 months, transferable and with gear

1300 monthly – 1 month unlimited climb with gear.

There are also special climbing shoes available for rent.


In Anya’s case – her parents noticed her love for wall climbing when they let her try climbing the wall at Campuestohan.  Anya liked it so much that they let her take lessons!


Her brothers, total newbies to the sport, climbed the wall for the first time today.  The instructor, Arnie was very helpful and taught them the basics.  The most important thing to remember is how to properly check the gear before you start and also the technique in descending.

Sweetie, the thumb is supposed to point upwards. Lol

Check out our video of the kids enjoying at Power Up Rock Outdoor Center in Bacolod City! If your kids are bored and have nothing to do, instead of them driving you up the wall – drive THEM up a wall. Literally.



Power Up Rock Outdoor Center is located at , 11th St, Negros Occidental Bacolod City.

Official Facebook:

Open daily from 1pm to 10pm

Telephone number: 0927 552 5025

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