Frites: Smoked Fish Flatbreads, Rice Bowls and more!

The Bacolod Food Hunters are on the hunt again for new and interesting places to eat and we’ve found Frites – an awesome new stall that serves delicious breads and rice bowls!  Interested? Read more below!

Frites is located in the Sukro building on La Salle Avenue.  The stall is not readily visible from the street but walk inside and you will easily find Frites on the ground floor.


Frites is a simple stall that serves desserts, fried bread and ricebowls.


We ordered the Smoked Milkfish frybread.  This is technically an open faced sandwich topped with a salad and chunks of smoked bangus/ milkfish.  We literally gasped when we saw the owner take out a container and spread something brown and creamy on the fried bread.  It was babaganoush!! 


Babaganoush is a middle eastern dip made with roasted eggplant.  It is so delicious!!  The sandwich was then topped with the fried fish skin of the bangus (fish skin chicharon) and sprinkled with garlic confit.   Very nice.  However the fish still has a few bones and you have to be very careful while eating this sandwich. Hopefully Frites could use deboned fish or amp up the deboning process.

Smoked Milkfish fry bread 165 php

Frites also has rice bowls! We got two of their best sellers to try.  We ordered the Chicken Katsu rice bowl and the Shrimp Karaage rice bowl.


The Chicken Katsu looks very pretty.  Chunks of fried chicken is laid on a bed of rice with a side of pickled onions and slices of more green onions.  The bowl is then drizzled with a pesto sauce.  Very nice, very colorful.  Taste-wise it’s pretty good.

Chicken Katsu 110 php

The other rice bowl, well you can skip this one.  The shrimps are too small and they shrunk further while being fried.  They’re covered with a cheese sauce but even that doesn’t save this dish from being one to avoid.


We liked some of the dishes at Frites and we will be coming back for more.  They’re relatively cheap and quality is generally good.  The fry breads are delicious.

Frites is located at Sukro Building, La Salle Avenue

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The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any payment, freebies or incentives for this article.

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