Blooming at Berbeza Bistro – a trendy new restaurant has sprouted in Bacolod City

Unique Asian dishes and South east asian flavors. You’ll get these and more at Berbeza Bistro!  We’ve heard a lot of good things about this place so we went down one evening for a visit.

The restaurant is very beautiful, with large glass panels allowing people to see the cheerful interior inside.  We opened the glass doors and in we went.

Berbeza bistro is located at 20th Street corner Lacson Street 

The inside is a simple, urban style type restaurant.  The walls are smooth gray concrete however there are spots of color such as several strategically placed plants which liven up the place.  Bamboo lamps give the place a distinct Asian look.


The glasses, mugs and plates are on this long shelf which has bright lighting.  The bottom shelf has porcelain koi and lily pads which appear to be swimming in a gray river.  Very simple but stunningly beautiful arrangement.


The corner table where we sat.  Each table has a little plant centerpiece.



We ordered an appetizer of Tom-Law which is basically kinilaw or fish ceviche – raw fish cured with citrus juices. Berbeza Bistro uses tangigue fish cured in kaffir, calamansi and dayap. It was served in a cute little coconut shell.

Tom-Law – 185 php

We noticed little pink flowers in the food.  We asked the waiter what they were and we were told that they were Cadena de amor flowers.  Wow!  These little pink flowers livened up the dish and they have blood pressure lowering properties.  Very healthy!

The next dish, Beef Tataki was a ginger and soy sauce meat dish and it came topped with a herb salad (and more flowers!)

We loved the Beef Tataki! The ginger and soy marinade made the meat a little sweet and the assorted herbs and the flowers added texture and crunch to the dish.  This dish is both delicious and beautiful to look at!

Beef Tataki – 245 php

Berbesa Bistro’s famous dish was next – the Laksa!  This is a dish with soft boiled egg, squid and noodles (with more green veggies) all served in a big bowl.


It is DELICIOUS!  The soup base is made with coconut milk (?) and curry.  It was our first time to have this combination with noodles.  This noodle dish is top notch! All the various flavors and textures combined with spicy chili is so very good.

Here’s our video of our visit to Berbeza Bistro – what are you guys waiting for ? Head down now! Service is excellent and the food is really good!


Berbeza Bistro is located at 20th Street Bacolod City

Official Facebook:

Opens at 6pm



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