Sweet Stems: A cute flower shop in the new Shophouse Heritage town center

Sweet Stems is our newest find! It’s a cute little flower shop located at the Shophouse Heritage town center.  The area is designed to look like shops from Asia such as Singapore, Vietnam and Binondo where usually the business is located downstairs and the living quarters are upstairs.

Does the layout sound familiar? It’s because the shops in the nearby “Shopping” area have the same shophouse style!  “Shopping” used to be known as the old chinatown area of Bacolod. It’s nice to see that the designers of the Shophouse Heritage really did research on the area and developed their shop fronts to have a distinct asian atmosphere.

Sweet Stems and The Eighty8 Facade Heritage town center is located on Narra Avenue, in the Shopping area or old chinatown district of Bacolod city.

Shelves and flowers line the walls of Sweet Stems.  There are flowers everywhere you look!


We came into sweet stems to buy a bouquet of flowers as a surprise for a friend of ours.  Valentine’s day is approaching and while there were lots of roses available we opted for something simple and on a budget.  We asked the florist – Could Sweet stems whip up an awesome bouquet for a friend on just a 500 peso budget?  They  gamely stepped up to the challenge.


We’re clueless when it comes to flowers but we couldn’t help admiring the various blooms available at Sweet Stems.  They have all sorts of beautiful flowers.


A gorgeous, natural looking flower arrangement.


We watched as the florists began assembling our bouquet.  He put down on the table what seemed to be a lot of leaves?


The florist assured us that he was picking out only certain branches of leaves that looked artistic enough to include in our bouquet.  He began selecting flowers and trimmed the branches and leaves.  It was fascinating to see how the bouquet began to take shape under his skillful hands.


There was a lot of fabrics to choose from for the bouquet.  There were also woven baskets but we opted to go for a pink fabric.


And here’s our finished bouquet!  There’s a nice selection of flowers including some very cute flowering branches.


This is our beautiful bouquet. Sweet stems really did a good job!  Our friend who got the bouquet was really thrilled! You don’t have to spend much to impress people. There is a nice assortment of various flowers and the arrangement is beautiful, just bursting with color.


We can’t wait for new shops to open at the Shop House Heritage Town Center.  It looks to be a popular up and coming spot with cool shops and restos!

Sweet Stems is located at Unit 7 Shop House Heritage Town Center
Bacolod City

Telephone number: 0917 788 8814



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