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Soup’s on at Eron’s Cansi House!

Whenever you’re in Bacolod, try a bowl of steaming hot Cansi soup.  There are lots of places to try it but today we’re featuring Eron’s cansi house!

Cansi/Kansi is this amazing soup that combines sour batwan fruit with beef and bone marrow.  It’s a very rich and delicious dish that goes well with rice. We headed down to Eron’s Cansi house in Bacolod’s old chinatown district (a.k.a Shopping) to try it.

Eron’s Cansi house is located at C-58 Narra Avenue 6100 Bacolod City.

Eron’s is an open air restaurant.  There are long wooden tables inside. There is wifi and overall the place has simple decorations.  They also have an area where they serve Filipino food turo-turo style in chafing dishes.

Their specialty is beef cansi.  It’s 390 pesos a bowl with small bone and 420 pesos for a bowl with a big bone. 25 pesos for a cup of rice.


The mark of a good cansi soup is the amount of meat and the marrow.

Beef marrow is so rich and fatty.  There are several ways to enjoy this treat. Some people like to spoon it out onto their rice.  The hot rice instantly melts the marrow and you can mix it in.   Others like to mix it with their soup.  I like to do a little of both along with putting a little amount of marrow in my mouth.  It’s like a shot of rich, creamy flavor. Very intense.

Eron’s Cansi costs 300 pesos and rice is 25 pesos

Here’s a short video that we made of Eron’s Cansi house.  Short and sweet. Direct to the point.

And here’s another shot of the bone marrow after its been scooped out.  Time to EAT!

Eron’s Cansi house offers free refills of the batwan flavored soup base.  If you’re not familiar with batwan or batuan, it’s a small fruit native to the visayas area of the Philippines where it is used traditionally as a souring agent in dishes like sinigang.


If you have a big group you can opt to sit at the newly built second floor. It’s air-conditioned and relatively peaceful as the downstairs can get crowded!

Erons also sells lots of salmon cuts! One of their popular lunchtime treats is the grilled salmon and fried salmon skin. Two skewers with a cup of steamed rice along with a free bowl of cansi soup will fill you right up!

The Grilled Salmon Skewers are very soft and tender. They have a lot of fat under the skin (Omega-3!) so they’re also very tasty!

Come down to Eron’s cansi house.  It’s a good place to try and experience the famous Cansi soup of Bacolod City.  There’s many places that serve Cansi but we prefer Eron’s. Good value for money, not overpriced, not overhyped but still pretty good.

A shot of customers enjoying their food.


Eron’s Cansi house is located at C-58 Narra Avenue, Bacolod City

Official Facebook page:

Telephone number: (034) 435 2213

The Bacolod Food hunters did not receive any freebies, payment or free food for this article.


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