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Chapter 9 3/4: The Harry Potter themed Cafe in Bacolod reopens

Just like a good book that you can’t put down, Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee House – Bacolod’s first and only Harry Potter cafe has opened its doors once again in a new location.

The new location of Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee house is at Blk 17 Lot 42 & 43 Lasalleville Subdivision, Mansilingan Bacolod City (right in front of Saint Benilde School)

The distinctive orange house is decorated with paintings on the outdoor walls and a distinctive signpost  with names of fantasy places.

It looks like Hogwarts is to the right!  Let’s go!

We recognized the old Chapter 9 3/4 sign!  It’s good that they kept their old sign when they moved to their new location.  Just past the distinctive sign is the main entrance of Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee House.


The main entrance and main counter is just bursting with toys, assorted bric-a-brac and a cool keychain collection.


Just past the counter is a wall with toys, toy trains, vintage posters, books and the beginning of the Harry Potter area.


Avid readers will quickly recognize the sorting hat and the silver stag patronus of Harry Potter.  You can take the scarf and the hat and pose for pictures!  There’s only 1 Gryffindor scarf as of the moment -we were wondering where the rest of the scarves went – the old Chapter 9 3/4 had all the house scarves and prop wands that customers could use.


What’s this? The cryptic message from the Harry Potter books!   What awesome attention to detail.


The house banners of Hogwarts are here too.


On the wall is an acceptance letter from Hogwarts – oooh!


The other side of the wall has a mural of The Fellowship of the ring and assorted toys from the owner’s son’s collection.


The main dining area is big, spacious and extremely colorful.  The walls are decorated with colorful murals and a large Christmas Tree.


Beside the colorful Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland mural is a table with assorted Christmas Decorations.


Sharp eyed customers will get a kick out of this “Stranger Things” decoration!


The main dining area has a lot going on – there are plenty of colorful paintings and even a telephone booth which in the Harry Potter books is actually a portkey to the Ministry of Magic.  There are wanted posters for Harry Potter and his uncle Sirius Black in the booth.  We’re guessing that the owners will install a telephone soon inside the booth.  If they do,  Here’s a tip – True wizards should dial “62442” to spell MAGIC on the telephone which activates the portkey.  Maybe you will be really teleported to the Ministry of Magic!


A door has the marauder’s map on it.


On the far side of the dining room is a Harry Potter display along with some christmas decorations.


Inside the display are the wands used by the Harry Potter characters! Small figures designate ownership of the wands.


The mini Christmas village is delightful. The Carousel Actually moves!


Time to eat!  We ordered the Headmaster’s Platter and a Honeyduke’s Mango Milkshake.  Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee house’s menu is also Harry Potter themed!

Honeyduke’s mango milkshake – 60 php

The headmaster’s platter is a collection of appetizers served with a cheese dipping sauce and a corned beef and bacon sandwich.

Headmaster’s Platter – 189 php

Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee house is not just for kids and fans of the Harry potter books.  There’s a little of everything for everyone.  The food is just okay – standard cafe food with a touch of whimsy.   The place is still under renovation so there will be improvements and more Harry Potter / fantasy decorations soon.

Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee House is located at Blk 17 Lot 42 & 43 Lasalleville Subdivision, (In front of St. Benilde School, Bacolod City.)

Opens 10am – 8pm

Telephone number:  0927 270 6469

The Bacolod Food hunters did not accept / receive any money, payments or freebies for this article. 

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