Bigby’s Café & Restaurant is Back in Bacolod!

After a very long wait, Bigby’s Café & Restaurant finally makes its triumphant return to Bacolod City!  Bigby’s reopened their doors at the second floor of Ayala Malls Capitol Central.  Naturally, we were there to write about the food – scroll down to read more!

The entrance to Bigby’s

We loved Bigby’s Café & Restaurant when it first opened in Bacolod City several years ago.  They were known for their good food and their enormous portions.  They were the closest Bacolod had to a T.G.I.F type restaurant.  Sadly, they had to close but finally they reopened again in Bacolod City.  It appears that Bacoleños have not forgotten Bigby’s – the opening day crowd was huge!

This group of happy customers posed for a picture!

The restaurant layout is simple and modern.  There were plenty of people but the staff was extremely well trained, helpful and it didn’t feel like a soft opening to us.  Service was excellent. Although it was crowded we managed to get a table inside and the wait staff was very helpful.


The lamps are enclosed in these beautiful wire lampshades.


There are many pieces of art and bric-a-brac in Bigby’s Café & Restaurant.  They range from Egyptian framed papyrus to mesh net bags containing used rolls of film.


The most interesting decor is this beautiful collection of fridge magnets from around the world.


This beautiful cabinet has many rare and beautiful magnets. They are artfully arranged and the display is well lit.  Extremely nice.


Our orders quickly arrived. We had ordered the Rack-a-Bye Baby (399 php) as it was the dish that we used to order at the old Bigby’s.  We love seafood so we also ordered the Fisherman’s platter (835 php).


Bigby’s Café & Restaurant is known for its big portions – a dish can easily be shared with fellow diners.

The fisherman’s platter was a big platter that contained Calamari, barbecued shrimp and a breaded fish fillet.  It was served with sweet basil, tartar sauce, vinegar and slices of lemon.

Fisherman’s platter (835 php)

The Rack-a-Bye Baby was a giant portion of ribs (4 pcs) laid on a bed of rice and garnished with corn and string beans. There was plenty of meat on the ribs.

Rack-a-Bye Baby (399 php)

Overall, the service was great, the staff extremely helpful and the food arrived quickly despite the NUMEROUS customers..  Food is a bit pricey but fair – you are technically ordering a LARGE meal good for sharing so we didn’t mind the prices.

We enjoyed our lunch at Bigby’s Café & Restaurant.  Visit them now for a great dining experience!  Yes, Bigby’s – Bacolod has not forgotten you. Welcome Back to Bacolod! 

Bigby’s Café & Restaurant is located at the second floor of Ayala Malls Capitol Central, Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City.

Telephone number:  (034) 700 8282


The Bacolod Food hunters did not ask for any payment, freebies or money for this article.

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