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Chapter 9 3/4 coffee house: A Harry Potter themed cafe in Bacolod City.

This article is for the old location of Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee house:  Click this link to be taken to the new article I wrote about their new cafe and their new location!

Bookworms and potterheads living in Bacolod City will get a fantastic experience when they visit Chapter 9 3/4 coffee house – a very special café that tries to capture the magic of the Harry Potter books.   Step through the doors of this fantastic restaurant and you will feel at home in this restaurant filled with whimsical decor.

Chapter 9 3/4  is located on Locsin Street near Bacolod’s Cybergate Center.  It might be a bit hard to spot at first so keep a look out for a red-roofed building with their logo.

The exterior of Chapter 9 3/4.
The very cute signage of Chapter 9 3/4.

Upon entering you will be amazed by the collections of toys, bric-à-brac and Harry Potter ephemera. Every surface and available space has been decorated.  The interior is quite pleasant and  it is quite relaxing to look at the motley assortment of decorations while waiting for your order.  The whole area feels like you are in somebody’s home.  The lighting in the restaurant is a bit subdued and it feels like a nice, comfy cave.

Customers dining at Chapter 9 3/4.


Happy Meal toys, Disney coin banks, Lord of the Rings and the beatles!


Banners of the Houses of Hogwarts! Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff – all are here!


You won’t be bored waiting for your food to arrive here at Chapter 9 3/4! There is a lot of things to do!  Play some of their board games or curl up with a book to read at their book nook.


There is a big display case filled with toys and models of a lot of popular characters.  Of course, the Harry Potter characters are all complete and they share  shelf space with characters from Avatar, Alien, King kong and Hell Boy.  Very interesting.


One big draw of Chapter 9 3/4 is that there are many opportunities to take Harry Potter themed photos.  One of the biggest Harry Potter prop in the room is a bright red Telephone box that in the books is actually a portkey to the Ministry of Magic.  There is an actual working telephone in the booth (albeit being a red PLDT one) along with wanted posters for Harry Potter and his uncle Sirius Black.  Here’s a tip – True wizards should dial “62442” to spell MAGIC on the telephone which activates the portkey.  I tried it but apparently it doesn’t work for Muggles like me.

Big Red telephone Box.

The area in front of the cashier has seats and more shelves with toys and cool stuff to look at.

Lots of cool stuff.

The sorting hat makes an appearance! Pose with the hat, cloak and house scarves to feel as if you’re really in the Harry Potter world!  In the books and films, the Sorting hat is a magical hat that chooses which part of  Hogwarts you’re assigned to.

The Sorting Hat.

There is also an assortment of scarves that you can try on.  Each scarf has a small embroidered badge showing the house that it belongs to.  You can belong to Gryffindor or even Slytherin!

The Various house scarves.

Right beside the sorting hat is a small nook dedicated to the three main characters of the Harry Potter Franchise.  There’s also the triwizard cup from the books containing prop wands that you can use  to complete your Harry Potter look.


The food is Harry potter themed too.  They all have names after places in the books such as Honeydukes’ shakes or food named after characters such as Hagrid’s Muffin (75 php).  These muffins are big just like Hagrid!

A beautiful Turkish mosaic lamp decorates the counter.

The house specialty is the Headmasters Platter (175 php).  You get a hamburger, fries, shrimp chips and onion rings. While not particularly spectacular, this meal can fill up even those with giant-sized appetites.

Headmasters’ Platter (175 php)

To wash it all down I had a refreshing Chocolate Honeyduke Shake (75 php).

Chocolate Shake.

This place is quite popular with barkadas and the locals for their good, cheap but filling food.  Come and Visit them!


Come and visit Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee house!  They’re open Mondays to Saturdays 11:30ish am to 8pm at night. 

Get in touch with them via their Facebook page:

Contact number: (034) 468 0469 or 0927 888 6823

No incentives or freebies were accepted by the Bacolod Food Hunters for this review.

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