Portiko Cafe & Lounge

Have an awesome time at Portiko Cafe and Lounge! Enjoy good food and drinks and join in their extremely fun Trivia Night!  Portiko is located at 23rd street, Bacolod City, right beside KGB and in front of

We went to Portiko to have lunch. There were no customers so I pretty much had the run of the place, talking to the waiters and taking photographs.  The waiters sat us indoors in one of their air-conditioned rooms and we had an enjoyable time.

The outdoor area is beautiful and the lay out allows breezes to circulate.  High peaked roofs ensure that the hot air rises away from the diners. Very clever use of semi transparent material ensures that the place has adequate natural lighting.

The Interior of Portiko

The rear area of Portiko has a garden wall which frames artwork done by a local artist. In the daytime it is a bright and cheerful place and during nighttimes it is illuminated by lighting making it the center of attraction.

Portiko’s beautiful garden.

Portiko’s meals are quite affordable!  We asked the advice from the friendly staff on what to get – they recommended we try their house special Cansi Steak (300 php).

Portiko’s excellent Cansi steak.

We were impressed by the size of Portiko’s Cansi steak.  Obviously, there was a big chunk of bone but there is a lot of meat – enough to feed at least two people.  The whole dish was drizzled all over with a delicious mushroom gravy and it was made even more sinful with the bone marrow.  A few taps with a spoon and the marrow slid out, ready to be mixed in with the gravy.  This is THE dish to get when you’re at Portiko.

For a bit of variety we tried their sizzling manumbok (95php /100 grams)  200 grams will get you quite a decent sized piece of fish. It came swimming in a lot of oil. It was a nice dish and the flavor was good but the extreme oiliness was a turn off.


To cap off our meal we also had Portiko’s lechon kawali (285 php).  The dish needed to be a little bit more crunchy but overall, it was very enjoyable.  Portion size was decent.

Lechon Kawali.

You can try these dishes and many more at Portiko Cafe & lounge.  They’re open from 11am to 1am.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page to be informed of events and their famous trivia night! Telephone number: (034) 707 7056

No freebies or incentives were given to us for this review.

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