Mushu’s back! Visit them now!

It’s back! Mushu Bacolod – one of Bacolod’s famous restaurants has reopened at its old location on Lacson street.  They’ve kept the old favourite dishes that you love and at the same time they plan on introducing more awesome stuff!

Mushu is loved for its delicious food but not many people know that one of its owners is the famous Filipino Celebrity Chef JP Anglo.

You might have heard of Chef JP Anglo – he’s a popular Filipino chef who gives a modern spin to classic Filipino dishes. He became famous after appearing on “MasterChef Philippines” and now owns several restaurants, including Sarsa Kitchen + Bar and Mushu.

Mushu’s modern new interior.

The main dining area at Mushu is designed to be soothing and calm. The room has a lovely garden-like feel, thanks to four panels of artificial plants adorning one wall. The dining area is also well-lit, and the chairs are plush and cozy for a comfortable dining experience.

It’s a busy Friday night – all tables are packed.

Mushu was packed with people but fortunately the excellent staff helped us find a table and took our orders. If you want to avoid crowds, call for reservations or just come early before the lunch and dinner time rush.

Mushu is a well-liked restaurant known for its warm and friendly atmosphere. This is largely due to Martin Lachica, one of the owners and managers, who is always welcoming and hospitable.

Martin is very involved in the restaurant’s operations and ensures that every customer receives exceptional service. His commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the restaurant’s popularity, as it is always busy and filled with happy customers.

Martin Lachica (Standing) with our guests at Mushu

We had Mushu’s Salt and Pepper tofu as an appetizer, which was made up of crispy deep-fried chunks of tofu served with a honey soy dipping sauce. The dish also came with a side of salt and pepper seasoning, allowing us to adjust the flavor to our liking. It is one of our favorites among the restaurant’s appetizers.

The salt and pepper squid was equally delicious.  Slices of squid are battered then deep fried. This was served with a mayonnaise-based dip.

Salt and Pepper Squid

Martin highly recommended Mushu’s crispy dilis appetizer, and we were glad we took his suggestion. Dilis, a small and crunchy dried fish, is a beloved snack in the Philippines. At Mushu, the dilis is fried and coated with a Chili pineapple glaze that balances out the strong flavor of the fish. The glaze adds a perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness to the dish, making the dilis highly addictive.

Another popular dish is Mushu’s Pritchon. It is a combination of lechon, which is roasted pig, and crunchy vegetables, all wrapped in a soft pita bread. The dish is served with a side of hoisin sauce. The contrast of the crunchy lechon and veggies with the pillowy soft pita bread makes for a delicious bite. The presentation is similar to that of Peking duck, adding an element of fun to the dining experience.

One of the most popular dishes at Mushu is the sizzling Cansi. It’s a dish reminiscent of the philippine Cansi soup but instead of being served on a bowl the meat and bones are served on a sizzling plate and drizzled with a sourish batuan sauce.

The highlight of the dish is a perfectly cut piece of bone which houses a portion of creamy, rich marrow.  The marrow melts in your mouth. You can scoop it out and mix it with the rest of the dish or mix it with rice.  Either way, you’re in for a treat.

Try Mushu’s Chicken inasal sisig. It’s a pleasant and interesting change from the regular chicken on a stick that Bacolod is known for.

The chicken inasal is chopped up and mixed with the typical sisig ingredients.  The chicken becomes crispy after sitting for a while on the hot plate.  It’s a pleasant take on a traditional Bacolod dish.

Another dish that we tried that was not on the menu was barracuda cerviche. It’s fresh barracuda slices served with coconut milk, citrus, vegetables, salted egg and spices. Quite good.

Mushu’s Lechon Kawali is a delicious dish that pork lovers should try. It’s made of deep-fried pork belly that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The dish comes with a lechon sauce that perfectly complements the rich and savory flavor of the pork.

Hainanese chicken is another popular dish at mushu. This dish is special steamed chicken and served with three kinds of sauces. By itself the chicken is flavorful and tasty even though its just steamed. Add the sauces and this is a super good meal!

Mushu offers a variety of desserts to choose from, but we decided to try the Banana Chocolate Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream. The dessert consists of bananas and chocolate sauce wrapped in a spring roll and dusted with cinnamon sugar. It is served with a cup of vanilla ice cream on the side. Overall, we found this dessert to be an excellent choice, with the warm and crispy spring rolls perfectly complementing the cold and creamy ice cream.

Visit Mushu! Whether you’re a first or old timer to the place you will enjoy the new look and the classic dishes that Mushu is known for.


Mushu is located at 20th street – Corner Lacson street, Negros Occidental, Bacolod City

Opening hours: 11am -9pm – call for reservations

Telephone number: (034) 4456268 / 0922 860 6952

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies, free food or payment for this article.

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