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Let’s Volt in!! Japanese Ukay-Ukay at Bunz Surplus Japan.

Are you looking for gifts, furniture or antiques?  There’s great deals to be had at Bunz Surplus Japan!  

Bunz Surplus Japan is a warehouse filled with all sorts of junk treasures from Japan.  They’ve got furniture, toys, clothes – a whole ton of neat stuff.  If you love Ukay-Ukay or thrift shop bargain hunting you will enjoy this place.

Bunz is located on San Juan Street, right in front of Palawud restaurant.

The warehouse is filled to the brim with all sorts of stuff.  If you’re looking to redecorate your home and don’t mind second hand stuff – Bunz is definitely worth a look.  Most of the furniture here is in good condition – some with a few scrapes, some are dusty, and very few are fixer-uppers (minor repairs).

Furniture galore

There are lots of good deals to be found. I spoke to one of the bantays and he said most people come here for cabinets and chairs – especially computer chairs.  There’s a lot of them at Bunz and most of them are selling at a fraction of Bacolod department store prices.

Chairs and tables!
Japanese tables.

If you’re new to Ukay Ukay you must know that it is different from department store shopping.  Items are not as organized so you have to make ukay (rummage) through piles of stuff.  After your first experience doing ukay ukay, you will really understand the phrase:

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Belts, old clothes and umbrellas
Toys and Shoes.

The left side of Bunz contains plates, ceramics and Japanese Handicrafts/souvenirs.  This is my happy place and the main reason I come to Bunz.

Plates, cups and bowls

I love Japanese culture and there’s all sorts of neat stuff that I found that are only in Bunz.  This is where your haggling skills come into play.  It is a lot of fun haggling in Bunz for lower prices.  I’m polite but firm when I try to get a deal. I point out flaws and areas of damage in the items and I usually get a good discount.

Bunz has a lot of Traditional Japanese handicrafts such as these wooden Kibori Kuma bears
Rare Bradley Dolls!  They’re a bit dusty so they need some cleaning.
Japanese Paper Kites. Most of them have tears and rips.
Cute Japanese dioramas.

On our second visit to Bunz I invited my uncle Bamboo Tonogbanua who owns the famous Bacolod Christmas village, One of Bacolod’s major tourist attractions in December.

We had a lot of fun. Uncle Bamboo got some Japanese lamps and several gorgeous picture frames that he will be repainting and fixing up for his school plays/productions

This gold painted resin frame has grapes and cherubs all around it.

Another gorgeous frame that Uncle picked out. I can’t wait to see when he’s done with it.

Beautiful silver and elaborate woodwork.

We picked out those frames from a huge pile. There’s all sorts of artwork and calligraphy that come with these frames.  I jokingly told uncle to be careful because we might be picking out a framed Yakuza motto by mistake!


As for me – here’s what I picked out.   I was able to haggle down these pair of authentic, Japanese lucky cats (Maneki Neko).  One of them is in my room and the other one I gave as a gift to my friend Joe Baylon, owner of Joe’s grill.

My cat on the left is calling money and good fortune.  Joe’s cat on the right is calling for customers.

I am very proud of this painted terra cotta bell I found at Bunz!  It is a bell from Japan’s mount Aso and it is a charm against evil spirits.  It is said that evil spirits are afraid of the sound of bells.  This is now hanging in my room.


There are a lot of cool things at Bunz – but for my readers’ sake. I’m not going to list down the rare and valuable stuff that I found there because they might increase the prices!  Hahaha! 🙂  Just go there on your own to check things out. Part of the fun in thrift store shopping is finding rare and valuable stuff  for just a little money!

Bunz is located on San Juan Street in front of Palawud restaurant.

Opens from 10am to 6pm daily.

Telephone number: (034) 708 2848

This is a non sponsored post. The Bacolod food hunters did not accept any freebies, money or incentives for this review.

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