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Bamboo Tonogbanua’s Amazing Christmas Village.

Christmas in Bacolod just isn’t complete without a visit to Bamboo Tonogbanua’s Christmas Village!  It is the most elaborate and most beautiful Christmas display in Bacolod.

Sir Bamboo begun his Christmas Village 20 years ago and his collections have been steadily growing year after year. His home has become one of the major tourist attractions during the Christmas season. It is absolutely fantastic – a must visit.

With his permission, The Bacolod Food Hunters brings to you an exclusive look at the inside of the amazing displays inside his home.

Bamboo Tonogbanua Poses with his Christmas Village.

The Pirates Chest

If you love pirates you must check out the Pirates Chest!  Located near the entrance, the Pirates Chest houses Sir Bamboo’s Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.  The level of detail is absolutely crazy!  Monkeys swing from ropes high above while below them ghostly galleons dock in a cove.  Pirates spill out onto the beach to fight over treasure!

Pirates!! The Black Pearl and a ghost ship sail side by side. Can you guys spot the baby kraken that has hitched a ride?

The Nativity Scene

Near The Pirates Chest is what appears to be a painting of a nativity scene.  The painting has the subdued colors and muted tones of a chiaroscuro.  If you take a closer look, you’ll see that it’s not actually a painting but a diorama!!  Wow!!  This is our absolute favorite of the displays. Absolutely breathtaking in its beauty.

20151206_180436_LLS (1)
The “Painting.” It’s absolutely stunning.  The appearance of a classical painting but rendered in 3-D.


One of the three kings. I love his appearance!  Traditionally the three kings are depicted riding an elephant, a camel and a horse.
A king riding on a horse. So beautiful.  I love the detail and the way these figures are painted. This King is holding onto a box – his gift for the baby Jesus.


A king riding on a camel. In his arms he holds a pillow on which rests a small gold container.
The holy family.

After that amazing diorama, it’s time to go upstairs and look at more amazing dioramas located right outside the room that house the Christmas village!

Room boxes

These are small, very detailed dioramas of rooms – dollhouses.  They are adorable!

The Victorian Boudoir. Amazing miniature furniture! So unique!
Golden shoes on the bed.
A view of the furniture inside the boudoir.
The table is set for breakfast. The couple is engrossed in observing the painting.
The New England Room.
This rustic scene is extremely delightful.
A room with an actual working toy train and a miniature Christmas village.
A market scene with miniature fish, fruit and vegetables!


Now after all that amazing stuff, it’s time for the centerpiece!  The Christmas village!  Housed in one big room, everything fits perfectly together in a wonderful snowscaped scene!

Here are some pictures of the Village!  Houses line a snowy mountainside!


People twirl about on a frozen lake.


A Mariachi band sings in front of a theatre


It’s Christmas! A miniature woman decorates her shop with a wreath
Another beautiful mariachi band – I love the beautiful sculpted faces
Time to boogie! Teenagers dance to rockabilly tunes inside a New York Diner
The Theatre is open for business!
Miniature posters, doormen and a lighted ticket booth beckon to miniature shoppers
The Circus is in town!! This lovely piece has moving clowns, animals and trapeze artists.
A beautiful christmas house that slides open and close
A miniature woman sings christmas carols outside a bed and breakfast. Inside the tables are all neatly set.
School is in session. Look into the windows and you can see the miniature teachers and a delightful little blackboard with sums written on it!



A miniature TOUR DE FRANCE! Bikers pedal up the mountainside. Rain or snow, the race is on!
It’s a Christmas traffic Jam! No – the cars are just parked there – all of the drivers have gone to watch the miniature Tour de France!
What would be a village without cars? This car dealership has a miniature car in its window – this area was cleverly conceived to display Bamboo’s miniature vintage car collection



One of my favourite pieces from the collection. A tired fisherman has fallen asleep while holding his dinner. A brave and mischievous seagull has flown down to steal his meal!


Everybody here is busy busy busy. Fisherman clean fish and mend nets.
A mini village on the docks.


Although it’s christmas – its business as usual on the docks. A beautiful seaside diorama – the miniatures are cleverly posed. They look almost alive. – a group of sailors talk to each other, a fisherman thoughtfully inspects his nets while a seagull perches on top of a group of pilings.   It is extremely beautiful and clever!
The Nutcracker Ballet.


A favourite of mine – A chinese antique store with a storefront – inside a buddha looks out at the viewers


A beautiful piece – the choir actually sings and moves. There are people and things inside the windows!
A beautiful Christmas shopped with an actual shopfront. You can look through the windows to see ANOTHER miniature christmas village inside!





Saint Patrick’ Cathedral. The door are wide open and you can actually see inside and see the altar and the pews. All are sculpted !
The level of detail is amazing! Carved Saints line the pillars, Gorgeous miniature stained glass windows are atop a cleverly sculpted recess that gives the viewer an illusion of looking inside the church.



Here is a short video on how the Christmas Village looks. There’s a lot of stuff to see and take in!


Bamboo Tonogbanua’s Christmas Village is located at #90 San Juan / San Sebastian Sts., Bacolod City. Opening hours are from 6pm to 9pm only.  Open for all ages. Do drop by and visit!! Phone number is (034) 4345822

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  1. Amazing to the Max……Artistry of the highest levels! Congrats Sir Bamboo…!

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