Christmas Displays in Bacolod – Jerry Sy’s house.

People drive by – stop to look and gawk.  Crowds throng the street snapping pictures. What is it that they’re looking at?  The wonderfully decorated house of Jerry Sy!

The amazing Christmas Display is located on 18th street (San Agustin street) behind the college of San Agustin, Bacolod.

This amazing Christmas display begins from 6pm-10pm.  The lights enchant and dazzle the crowds. People stop to stare. It’s simply magical!



The Display is Awesome. On the left we have a group of dancing drummer boys. Above them are dancing Santa Clauses and an angel flapping its wings. The display on the left looks like a Gingerbread house.

Awesome display. People absolutely love this!  This is incredible!
These drummers are animated, drumming a lively beat.
Dancing Santa Clauses!
Even the door is decorated with Christmas presents and packages.
A soldier salutes you! He actually raises his hand up! Is that a motion detector near him? Awesome!
A toy train merrily makes its way across the roof with Mickey and Minny Mouse plus a stray minion!  A ferris wheel is seen rotating in the background.
The toy train reaches all the way to the right with a lavishly decorated christmas tree  laden with gifts. Underneath the tree is a Beautiful Life-size Nativity scene.
The Beautiful Nativity Scene!  Easily the centerpiece of this amazing Christmas Display.
The figures are dressed in gorgeous fabrics. Simply Amazing~!  This is so beautiful!


Come and visit Jerry Sy’s house and enjoy picture taking with your family. This is a temporary display so be sure to make it last.

We hope you enjoyed visiting our website for this year. Unlike some other blogger, we are not so tasteless as to post our Christmas wishlist online to fish for blessings lol 🙂  We sincerely wish you all our readers a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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