Guide to Vikings SM Bacolod Buffet!

Vikings at SM Bacolod: Experience the food! Our guide to getting the most out of your visit.

Vikings at SM Bacolod is now open!  We went on opening day and mapped out the place so you could get the most of your experience – Don’t be overwhelmed by all the food! Let our guide walk you along the different areas.  Come visit Vikings and experience the best buffet in Bacolod -ever!!

Vikings SM Bacolod has a main central area where all the desserts are placed.  You want to ignore the desserts for now when you first enter and head to the back area’s extreme left and right sides – Why?
Welcome to Vikings Sm Bacolod. This is Vikings’ amazing central area!
Ignore the center area and head immediately to the back portion! That’s where all the good food is!

On the left side is the carving station with all the different succulent meat and on the right side is the Japanese/Asian station where all the sushi and sashimi is placed.  Remember those two stations – to get your money’s worth you must raid those stations for meat!
Vikings SM Bacolod’s Huge roast turkey! It’s so soft and tender! Mmmm – served with an array of sauces – this is awesome!!
Vikings Sm Bacolod’s strip steak. The steak is so tender and perfectly cooked! The soft meat is just bursting with flavor!
Fancy some Roast Lamb? Viking’s SM Bacolod has lamb – all you can eat! This buffet is heavenly! The line for the meats is pretty long so we suggest you head here first!

After you load up with meat, grab your sushi and your sashimi.  There’s lots to go around so do yourself a favor and try out the Vikings specialty sushi and of course try their salmon and tempura. These premium items tend to go fast.

Grab your tuna, your salmon and your shrimp! These items go really fast – they’re all gone in a matter of minutes! – Vikings refills their food pretty fast so it’s awesome!!
Fancy some shrimp? These luscious shrimp beckon to you at Vikings Sm Bacolod!
The Vikings Special sushi roll packs a lot of tastes and textures into a small parcel! It’s a must try when you are at Vikings SM Bacolod!
At the Japanese section enjoy their awesome shrimp tempura and their katsudon and various other fried delights!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Viking’s excellent waiter service! The waiters and waitresses are well trained and they really served us well getting water and drinks for us!  Really, they are so awesome!

Anyway back to the guide – after you’ve filled up on premium items it’s time now to head towards the center area and graze along the selections there.

Slowly make your way to the center – try and sample a little from each dish.

The dishes are specials.  They look interesting – if something catches your eye don’t be afraid to try and sample a little bit. There’s an absolutely fantastic section ranging from the awesome pizza station which makes tiny pizzas! Grab a slice!

Margherita Pizza – for one!! 🙂

There are lots and lots of delicious dishes that you can see as you make your way along the back area.




For those Chinese food lovers, there’s a dim sum area as well as a shabu shabu/hotpot area where one can make their own shabu shabu as well as their own noodle bowls!

Shabu Shabu station – if you’re not interested in making your own bowl, you can request the friendly staff to prepare it themselves!
Enjoy delicious freshly cooked noodles with your choice of toppings and flavorings at Vikings SM Bacolod.

Now that you’ve made your way all around the back area – let’s turn our attention to the center area for drinks and desserts!

Vikings SM Bacolod has lots of drinks to offer you!

The mixed drinks section. If you’re not interested in soft drinks, try out their extensive selection of teas and juices such as Lemon Grass infused tea, winter melon tea and Four seasons juice.

For the adults – the next part is the best part about Vikings.  They serve alcohol! Namely Japanese Sake and San Miguel draft beer!  Drink moderately! 🙂

Japanese Sake! This mild sweetish drink is perfect for washing down those mounds of sushi!
Fancy a beer? They have San Miguel Draft beer fresh from the tap waiting to be poured into these beer glasses!
Kids can enjoy this Milo shake – but watch out for naughty kids spiking their drink because the shake machine is right next to the draft beer fountain!

For the desserts, simply head into the center area where they have an ice cream station, a halo-halo station and mini cakes station as well as TWO chocolate fountains – a sure winner with kids!

Check out these little bite-sized cheesecakes and other toothsome morsels!
It’s the chocolate fountains! Enjoy dipping fruit, brownies and cakes into this wonderful and enjoyable feature!

For the more health conscious people- there’s an awesome delicious treat! Frozen Yogurt!  You can pour as much as you like and you can top it off with fruit or if you want to pamper yourself try out the chocolate and sweet toppings!

A customer happily pours herself a frozen yogurt.

We really enjoyed our stay!  Some people got really excited and went all out in order to avail of Viking’s 50% off promo where you get 50% off if you wear a Viking Mask!

University of Saint La Salle students – my friends go all out with their Viking gear!

Please enjoy your visit to Vikings!  Make reservations before you visit so you can be assured that you and your friends can have a table.


The Contact number of Vikings SM Bacolod is (034)431-4888 or 0917-846-6888 / 0998-988-3888 Call for reservations. Vikings is located at SM City Bacolod, Ground Floor, North Wing, Rizal Street, Reclamation Area, Bacolod

The Bacolod Food Hunters would like to extend their gratitude to Ms. May Castro of SM, Ms. Pia of Vikings and the admin of the Vikings SM Bacolod webpage who helped me and the La Sallian students get reservations.  Also shout outs to the excellent wait staff of Vikings!  Thank you so much!  

4 comments on “Vikings at SM Bacolod: Experience the food! Our guide to getting the most out of your visit.

  1. Fantastic article Martin! You certainly are AT THE TOP of your game when it comes to foodblogging. Very balanced, articulate, and the photos very inviting. I tried it too during their opening and it was really moreish. You basically captured the very essence of Vikings! Kudos to your blog.

  2. Congrats! Almost all of your photos have been published in the papers!

  3. how much is the buffet?

  4. Since the Vikings lowered their prices they have also dumbed down the quality and selection of their food offerings. If you just want to pig out, it is probably still ok but if you only go there a couple times a year and expect the quality the Vikings used to be known for you will be disappointed.

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