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Awesome new dishes at Chef Carmine’s

We’ve previously written about Chef Carmine’s restaurant and now he’s come out with awesome new dishes that are absolutely delicious!  Chef Carmine’s restaurant is the only authentic Italian restaurant in Negros Island run and owned by an Italian Chef. His pizzas and dishes are made with a mix of traditional and modern flavors.

First up, Chef Carmine’s Restaurant is located right across Ayala at the Phoenix gas station. Look for the big yellow sign.

Chef Carmine: A Taste of Italy Restaurant — Telephone number 441-2903. Open Mon-Sun 11am-10pm. Talisay hi-way across from Metro Ayala. (Beside Phoenix gas station.)

We returned to try out his new menu and let us tell you we were not disappointed!  Chef Carmine is at the top of his game when it comes to cooking good food.

Pasta Vegetariana. (300php)

The first dish that we tried was the Pasta Vegetariana.  Roasted assorted garden vegetables in olive oil with baked chili peppers.  This was an amazing dish – the spiciness of the chili was complemented by the earthy sweet tastes of the roasted vegetables.  Very good – we highly recommend it.

Pizza lovers will love the diverse range of Pizzas that are available at Chef Carmine’s restaurant.  We tried their newest flavor the Pizza Fantasia.

Pizza Fantasia (400php).

The Pizza Fantasia is an exciting medley of luscious home made sausages, bacon, fresh tomatoes, onion, and bell peppers.  Tasty and filling, perfect for small gatherings!

Chef Carmine has fond memories of his grandmother’s cooking and he has recreated his favorite childhood dish that his grandmother would lovingly serve him.  Chef Carmine lovingly calls it Involtini della nonna”  or “Grandmother’s rolls.”

Involtini della nonna. A special dish filled with special childhood memories. (350 php).

Involtini della nonna is rolled beef filled with Ham, cheese, garlic, Five Secret Herbs in a rich tomato sauce. This dish is rich and hearty.

Next Chef Carmine offered us his “Abbachio alla romana”.  This is lamb shanks and shoulders delicately seasoned and roasted until the meat is soft and tender.

Abbachio alla romana – Lamb shank and shoulder with Italian seasonings and herbs. (650 php).

A nice garden salad soon followed.  Made up of fresh summer vegetables and a liberal dose of olive oil dressing, Chef Carmine’s “Insalata Capricciosa” is both cool and refreshing.  This salad is quite substantial and can easily fill up salad lovers – this is a meal in itself.  It’s that good.

Insalata Capricciosa (220 php).

The final dish we had was the amazing Osso Buco, A Milanese specialty of cross cut beef shanks with braised vegetables and white wine.  It shares some similarities to our Philippine Bakareta which makes the taste of this dish quite familiar and pleasing to Filipinos.

Osso buco – this savory dish was a big hit with our group.


Please – do try out Chef Carmine’s restaurant.  It’s located alongside Talisay Hi Way, right across from Ayala in the Phoenix gas station compound.  Do drop by!


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