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The best Ice scramble in Bacolod!

One of my favorite memories from childhood is rushing outside after school to have a treat of “Ice scramble” or shaved ice.  Back then a man would grate a block of ice on top of a metal grater and hand to you tiny plastic cups filled with a combination of crushed ice, milk and syrup.  Ah, what an irresistible treat especially in the summertime!

We found out about the best ice scramble or ice crumble at one of my friend’s birthday parties.  We ordered a batch just so you, our viewers could have a look at what is the ice-cold, absolutely delicious treat that everyone is talking about here in Bacolod.

This young LaSallian enterpreneur showed up to deliver the Ice Scramble! Meet miss Aira Perline Caceres. She says that her tito, Anthony Alcala makes the yummy frozen treat and she is the one who handles sales. Very commendable! Initially, her uncle sold the Ice Scramble at schools. Aira would take the Ice Scramble to parties that she was invited to as her potluck “dish”.  The popularity of this Ice Scramble grew and people kept asking for it so she and her tito decided to make it into a business.

The minimum order for Ice Scramble is 5 kilos (500 php.) It only comes in strawberry flavor and with two kinds of syrup. Chocolate and strawberry.  Here’s what five kilos of Ice scramble look like!

Densely packed in a big styrofoam box, you can see the very finely shaved strawberry flavored ice.

The Ice scramble is simply amazing! It’s very flavorful, sweet but not cloying.  The Ice shavings are shaved so finely that it has a very delicate taste in your mouth.  The strawberry flavoring is evenly distributed – each spoonful is packed with the strawberry taste.

Digging out the Ice scramble! Mmmm! There’s enough to go around – Five kilos easily served TWENTY PEOPLE with a lot left over for second helpings.

Once you’ve got your portion, drizzle sweet strawberry and chocolate syrup over it!  The two syrups come with the Ice Scramble in two squeeze bottles.

Look at this – finely shaved strawberry ice cream. Perfect for parties, gatherings or chasing away hot summer days with friends.

If you’re having a party or a special event – sweeten the deal with five kilos of the best Ice Scramble in Bacolod. For 500 pesos, your money will go a long way – you certainly will get more than what you pay for!  Indulge in your memories of simple childhood pleasures.  Don’t worry – the shaved ice is made in a clean and sanitary way.  Kids love it!

For orders – contact Aira at (0932-6900412).  

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