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Kitchen Happiness: Food made with Love.

In Talisay City, Negros Occidental – there’s a little store/restaurant that draws crowds of students and adults.  The adults come for pasalubong and treats while the students come for the inexpensive meals and to hang out.

Meet Kitchen Happiness (VTN Food products) – the brainchild of two partners – Vivien Mae J. Canja and Teodoro Niel L. Nicol.

Vivien and Niel both run and manage the wildly popular Kitchen Happiness.

Kitchen Happiness first began in 2014 when Niel and Vivien created their first product, Blue Crab Paste.  They began a sustainable business and a crab hatchery that helps support the local crab gatherers as well as the fisher folk of Talisay.   From the success of their first product they decided to branch out into making pasalubongs and healthy snacks that are now eagerly sought after.

The house that Crab Paste built: The very first product that started it all. Talisay Blue Crabs are carefully harvested for their rich-tasting aligue and then carefully bottled.

They diversified into other products that were eagerly snapped up by the public.  Vivien uses her knowledge and experience as a food technologist to create new and exciting products.

Kitchen Happiness’ Piaya! There are numerous flavors to enjoy ranging from Chocolate piaya, Peanut piaya,Coffee piaya and their best seller: Cashew piaya.

Batuan is a small round green fruit that is highly prized by Visayans for their sourness and the flavor that they give to sinigang or other dishes.  Kitchen Happiness has developed Batuan powder that contains all the flavor and delectable sourness.  Perfect for taking abroad to loved ones who are just pining for a taste of visayan flavors.

Kitchen Happiness’ Batuan powder. Soury goodness.

Pinasugbo is fried candied bananas that are usually so tough and hard to chew.  Sometimes the pinasugbo would be so sticky, you’d end up with unremovable bits of the paper cone they use to wrap the sticky bananas with..  Kitchen Happiness has a version that is not overly tough and chewy like other local pinasugbo.  


Even the pickiest kids will find it hard to resist the delicious Taro Chips and squid rings that Kitchen Happiness makes.

Squid Rings. Delicious real squid transformed into a tasty crunchy snack.

There’s a lot more products that Kitchen Happiness has to offer – such as their special chicharon, garlic coated peanuts, Taro chips, spiced vinegar ,organic sea salt as well as green chili sauce.  For picky kids there’s also Sabacho: Chocolated coated bananas and for adults ginger turmeric teas and guyabano tea.


There’s a lot of products at Kitchen Happiness.

Kitchen Happiness actually has a physical store and a dining area out back.  The dining area is popular with local students since Kitchen Happiness is near the colleges and schools of Talisay.

Students are beginning to come in to relax after a long day of studying!

We tried out a couple of their dishes and had them cook one of their on the shelf products – Squash Malunggay Pancit Canton.

Squash Malunggay Pancit Canton. All ready for a healthy, hearty feast.

It turned out great!  We had it Filipino style, which is slightly sweetish and savory.  The noodles were firm and had a nutty flavor to it due to the squash.   Very good Pancit Canton!

Squash Malunggay Pancit Canton with fresh vegetables.

One very popular drink in Kitchen Happiness is their Ginger Ale.  Developed and brewed naturally and sold at only 20 pesos a mug, this is a refreshing and delicious drink.  It is really popular among the Talisay students as well as adults.  Since it is brewed, there is a slight alcohol content and taste to it.  Truly refreshing!

Brewed Ginger ale. Proudly Made in Talisay.

Please drop by and visit Kitchen Happiness.  Click here to visit their Facebook page.   They are located at Blk 10 Lot 33, Carmela Valley Homes Talisay, right behind the Talisay multipurpose gym.

Telephone numbers: 0999 593 7024 or (034) 4443508.

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