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Chef Carmine Restaurant: A taste of Italy.

Are you a fan of Italian food?  Good. Because an awesome new Italian restaurant has opened in Talisay city in the most surprising of places – at a Phoenix Gas station!   Right in front of the Phoenix gas station is the swanky The District (by Ayala malls)  therefore making it easy to miss this awesome little place.

Don’t overlook this neat little place!

This restaurant is called Chef Carmine Restaurant: A taste of Italy  – It’s owned by an Italian, Chef Carmine Pace and he cooks up interesting and absolutely delicious Italian favorites such as pizza, pasta and many other delectable dishes.

The inside of the restaurant is simple, clean and inviting.

The Interior of the restaurant.

Chef Carmine Restaurant has a lot of Italian dishes on their menu so with the help of chef Carmine himself we chose the most interesting dishes for our dinner.  As the dishes cooked, the place filled with the delicious smell of Italian spices stoking our appetites.

Patatine Fritte – Italian style french fries

For appetizers we had Patatine Fritte – Italian style french fries.  The potatoes were coated with a light, savory batter of Italian spices and deep fried until crisp.  Really delicious and appealing!

Chef Carmine himself proudly shows off his Pizza Capricciosa.
Pizza Capricciosa! 😉

The pizza was topped with slices of olives, ham, mozzarella cheese and homemade Italian sausage.  It was thin and crunchy and came with a special Italian spicy sauce as a dip. Pizza lovers will certainly enjoy chef Carmine’s pizza cooked the authentic Italian way.

Italians are famous for pasta and we took the chance to try a pasta dish from the menu.  We tried Carmine’s Aglio Olio Peperoncino which is basically pasta with herbs, olive oil, garlic, chili and some parsley.

Aglio Olio Peperoncino! served Al Dente – the springiness of the pasta combined with the herbs and the olive oil to create a dish that is simple and delicious.

Finally it is time for the main dish – Salsiccia in Padella.  Home made Italian sausages in tomato sauce and mushrooms!


This was extremely tasty! The sausages were covered in a thick red tomato sauce cooked with herbs, spices and mushrooms! Inside the meat is soft and chewy and it went so well with the bread that was served on the side!

Italian sausage with tomato sauce and mushrooms. Delectable!



We highly recommend Chef Carmine Restaurant: A Taste of Italy.  The food is really good, and Carmine tries his best to be as close as possible to the authentic Italian recipes using local ingredients.  The restaurant is located right in the Phoenix gas station right across the road from The District (Ayala mall) Talisay City Negros Ocidental.

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  2. Your review sounds interesting! How about the food prices? 🙂 Thanks heaps!

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