The First Visayas Cosplay Summit!

On March 5- Bacolod hosted the very first ever Visayas Cosplay Summit!  To legions of anime fans and cosplayers in the Visayas – this was the chance that they were waiting for – to show off their costumes and to cosplay as their favorite character!

The event was held in SM Bacolod’s atrium area on March 5 – a Saturday.  SM shoppers were in for a treat as they were able to enjoy a parade of costumed characters, popular anime music from the band Yuya and a pageant event where costumes were judged!


The area was packed full of excited people – Yes, all the balconies and the railings were full of happy shoppers!

The event was organized with the help of Yuya and Ambox events.  They invited guests and cosplayers from all over the Visayas to come and participate in the event.  Their efforts truly paid off!

Several events were organized to ensure everyone had a great time.


Drawing contest – Theme is Fall festival.


Jawn – an art student of LCC Bacolod proudly shows us his artwork.


Amazing drawings by students who participated in the event!

As the event was underway, cosplayers paraded around the mall and participated in photo taking opportunities. Here’s a look at some of the awesome cosplayers and their costumes.


A proud cosplayer shows off her stunning ensemble.


A group of friends wearing uniforms and wigs!

IMG_1030 149

Participants in the group cosplay category gamely pose for the camera.

IMG_1018 146


Beautiful costumes and great smiles!

IMG_0031 1

A perky girl with a cute hat!


A group of girls ham it up for the camera.

IMG_0061 8

Mikasa from Attack on Titan! 🙂

IMG_0065 9

Striking cosplay of characters from Naruto.


Having fun at the Cosplay Conference!

IMG_0051 5

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay.

IMG_0776 129 ABC-001


Guest cosplayers from Davao.

IMG_0204 31


Wilson Gamboa poses with the crowd.

IMG_0220 34


Even the judges were in costume!

IMG_0823 132


Hamming it up onstage with potatoes.

IMG_0353 62


Groot was there too!

IMG_0601 101-001


Few cosplayers could mach the intensity of this cosplayer cosplaying as Mettatron from Undertale.




Cute and Spunky.

IMG_1067 155

A Naruto cosplayer.

IMG_1037 150 ABC

IMG_1055 154

Fairytale cosplay

Our personal favorites were these two cosplayers.  Their costumes were PERFECT.

IMG_1049 153

Well made costumes, wigs and contacts.



Amazing!!! He looks like he just stepped out of a videogame!

Thanks to Yuya, Ambox and all the amazing staff and volunteers who made the first Visayas Cosplay Summit a Huge success!

Photo credits to Marcelo M. Soledad who was my photgrapher for the event! Thank you man! 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. OJ Caratao says:

    i love it ^_^ thanks guys 🙂

  2. Thank You sa Photographer na Stolen shot pako >.< hahaha…

  3. Nacre Pyrl says:

    whoah.. superb.. thanks for featuring us with the potato girl. :*

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