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East Bite Restaurant

East Bite restaurant is a new restaurant in Bacolod located near Lopues East at the Eastwalk, door number two.  This restaurant is fantastic! This place is run by the famous BJ Uy and his friends.  Whenever BJ goes into his kitchen, magic happens. We tried East Bites appetizer – Samosas with tamarind sauce!

Samosas with Tamarind Sauce.

The moment I bit into the Samosa, a rich blend of Indian spices hit my tongue.  I eat a lot of Indian food and this was perfectly flavored – Just like the samosas I used to have.  When I dipped it into the sweet-sour tangy tamarind sauce, I was enveloped in feelings of nostalgia for the Indian restaurants in Bacolod -now long gone. East Bite also has Pork katsudon.  While not strictly authentic Japanese, the serving size is big and the dish itself is both visually appealing and high on taste.  It is a great take on katsudon. BJ’s version is both hearty and satisfying.

East Bite’s Katsudon. Awesome and delicious!

Their Pad Thai is the best in Bacolod – I can attest to that! It blows away all other versions.  We got the seafood version and we enjoyed every single bite!  East Bite is now my favorite go-to place for Pad Thai.  They have great Pad Thai! We’re still waiting for a friend who took cooking classes in Thailand to cook for us HIS version of Pad Thai.  Doc Julius if you’re reading this we’re calling you out. 🙂

East Bites’ seafood Pad Thai.

East Bite also has a spot of Indonesian food.  Their Ayam Goreng is so good! It come’s with a healthy dollop of spicy sambal sauce for you to heap it on your chicken!


For dessert we had the Fried Mantou with condensed milk.  A simple dish but so good and satisfying!

Fried Mantou with cinnamon milk. 🙂

Come to East Bite today!   Really great food!!

East bite is located at Door 2, Eastwest Ext, Circumferencial Road, Brgy. Villamonte, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

6 comments on “East Bite Restaurant

  1. try the soy chicken! super good!

  2. We were pleasantly surprised with this restaurant as the interior is simple and yet intriguing. Service was pleasant and the food was priced well. The seafood Pad Thai was very good and authentic down to the crushed peanuts on top. The samosas were good but not great. We will certainly return.

  3. Found it! Great review. Great food!

  4. A year and half later and better than the first time we were there…..Keep up the great food, great service and great prices.

  5. Love their Hainanese Chicken! Makes me miss Singapore…

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