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Terrasse Bistro

Terrasse Bistro is located in Bacolod’s The District North Point (Ayala mall).  We popped in for lunch one sunday afternoon and we had such a great time!  The dishes are creative and absolutely delicious!  It made us into instant fans of this small but awesome restaurant!

The first thing we had was their squid carbonara.  It arrived and it looked just like regular carbonara.  I was wondering where the squid was until I put some of it into my mouth and then it hit me – The squid was shaped into the noodles! WOW! What an awesome surprise!

Terasse Bistro’s squid Carbonara! It’s simply amazing!  The creamy sauce goes so well with the delicate flavor of squid!

We had the buttermilk fried chicken! It was okay. The chicken came with your choice of gravy and a siding of coleslaw.  This is a favorite that both kids and adults can really enjoy.

IMG_0090 1

Buttermilk fried chicken served with gravy and a delicious siding of coleslaw!

We tried Terrasse Bistro’s take on Baby back ribs.  This was served with a Jack Daniel’s sauce.  This dish is awesome! We love Baby Back Ribs and the portion size is good for sharing!  Highly recommended for meat lovers as this dish will bring a smile to their face!

Terrasse Bistro’s Baby Back Ribs!

We tried their Lamb Navarin. We weren’t disappointed!  It was a gorgeous dish, the flavor lingering on our tongues.  Really great dish. A complete meal in itself!

Lamb Navarin! Organized Chaos! A hodge-podge of vegetables, meat and risotto rice all covered with a delicate sauce. A beautiful mix of flavors and textures!

We also tried the Seafood risotto.  Risotto goes really well with seafood as its soft texture compliments the chewy seafood.  The portion size is generous and this dish is meant to be eaten slowly – to enjoy the various flavors and textures of the food.  It’s a really nice dish – reminiscent of comfort food.  We enjoyed it very much!


Do try Terrasse Bistro.  The owner/chef of this restaurant is really creative and the food is both awesome and delicious!   🙂

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