Nutribites – Healthy Vegetarian Food at the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center.

Get ready to head to the hospital for your next meal – but not as a patient!  One of Bacolod’s most amazing restaurants is found right inside one of its Major Hospitals!

Nutribites is the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center’s cafeteria and they’ve been generating a lot of online hype due to their vegetarian friendly meals, fresh baked bread and healthy shakes, drinks and snacks.  They have an amazing cafeteria that is one of the largest and most modern in Bacolod City.

Nutribites’ futuristic looking display shelves.

The place is brand new, and sparkling clean!  Futuristic stainless steel display cases and neon lights give the place a snappy, mall-like atmosphere.  The check out counters look just like out of a supermarket with bar codes and all that stuff.  The result? Blazingly fast service!

The check out counter! Straight out of a supermarket!

We came here because we’ve heard a lot of good things about their food. Now, Nutribites rotates its menu so that everyday there’s a new menu.  We arrived on Monday just in time to try their special vegetarian sisig and their excellent veggie burgers!

Vegetarian Sisig: It’s sisig made with tofu. We asked it to be served with egg and a side of pickled papaya.

We also got a side order of veggie burgers and their fruit shakes.

Veggie burgers and veggie sisig!

The vegetarian sisig was made out of tofu.  It had the exact same texture as regular sisig and it was a bit chewier than usual. I noticed that the dish, despite being served on a sizzling platter was less greasy than normal sisig.  It was definitely a lighter meal – I didn’t get the stodgy, weighed-down feeling one usually gets when one eats an unhealthy meal.

I definitely recommend this dish.  Nakakabusog siya and it’s also good for you!

Nutribite’s vegetarian sisig!

The burgers were made out of textured soy protein on a freshly baked whole wheat bun.  It tasted just like a regular chicken burger and the veggie patty  had a nutty taste to it.  The bun was firm and chewy.  This is one of Nutribite’s best sellers!

Nutribites’ vegetarian burger served with a side of fries.

The food is excellent!  The dining area is wide and spacious and could comfortably sit a lot of people!  Please try and visit – the menu changes daily and they have a wide array of dishes such as vegetarian batchoy, vegetarian bibimbap and vegetarian spaghetti!

We highly recommend taking home some of their famous cinnamon bread!  This is cooked fresh -in house so you get amazing bread every time you buy a pack!

Whole wheat cinnamon bread!

Please come and visit Nutribites at the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center!  Their lush and spacious canteen and excellent vegetarian food make healthy eating easy and pleasant!   Highly recommended!


2 comments on “Nutribites – Healthy Vegetarian Food at the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center.

  1. i enjoy eating their vegetarian burger 🙂

  2. how much is the burger set?

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