Owl Avenue

Owl Avenue Restobar

Owl Avenue is a restaurant that has student-friendly prices but big on quality and taste. This little restaurant is located at homesite, right beside Lord Byron’s main branch. It has a big student clientele because of its great tasting food and its great service.

20150630_111524 (1)
Owl avenue restobar is located right beside Lord Byron’s!

The interior has a lot of the owl motif going on – from the tissue holders to little statues – this place is owl crazy! 🙂 There were a lot of students when we visited!  Even though this place caters primarily to students the food is quite good and satisfying even for foodies like myself.

20150630_112236 (1)
A lot of happy diners!

We ordered their house specialties from their menu.  Most of their entrees are below 70php! Amazing!

Owl Avenue’s Nachos.

We ordered their nachos.  It was basically fried wonton wrappers.  It still was pretty good and it came loaded with cheese and veggies.  Quite good “nachos”. It came served with a spicy sauce. This is perfect for barkada sharing. We ordered the different varieties of Salpicao that they had. We got pork and beef salpicao.  According to the friendly manager, these are the best sellers that they have.  The Salpicao was a bit small-potion wise but it is big on taste and the price is just right.  Very good Salpicao.

Pork Salpicao
Beef Salpicao.

I  tried their burrito and I was pleased with my order.  Serving size is a bit small but once again the dish surprised me with its quality. I love burritos and this one, although it was very simple and very basic managed to satisfy my desire.

Owl Avenue’s burrito.

The manager also recommended their quesadillas.  It was great! The pita was nice and chewy – home made and the quesadillas were filled with cheese and meat. Simple and basic but quite good for the price. Great value for your  money!

Owl Avenue’s cheesy quesadillas.

Here’s Owl Avenue’s facebook page and address as well as directions on how to get there.  The food is simple but it is delicious and it has a very good value for money.  I didn’t regret my visit and in fact we’re planning to visit there again soon. Money well spent.  We went home with full tummies!

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