Fudmaster: healthy food and snacks.

We’ve got great news for healthy food lovers!  A new food store has opened that serves healthy meals and vegetarian treats. It’s Fudmaster!

Fudmaster is primarily known in Bacolod for their meal programs.  Fudmaster would meet with a client and then plot out a month’s worth of meals and snacks. Then daily, Fudmaster would deliver to their client FIVE tailor made meals and snacks. These meals are specially made with an actual dietitian prescribing what is best for you and meals are calorie counted according to your needs. Do you want weight loss? Do you need a special diabetic diet? Pregnant? Fudmaster delivers and now they’ve opened up a great food shop to serve more healthy food!

Fudmaster’s store is located at the front gate of Doctor’s Hospital Bacolod city.  Fudmaster is also the first dietary clinic in Bacolod City.

The store is tiny but what they offer is surprising and this store is a must visit for everyone!  There’s healthy snacks ranging from high-fiber cookies, salads, sandwiches and juice.

Fudmaster’s chiller showing an array of their snacks. Healthy fiber rich cookies, bars and salads are arranged in tempting displays.


Of course I had to try everything! Everything is so yummy and so healthy!  Here are some of the things that Iv’e tried.

I like snacks and Fudmaster’s chocolate crinkles and oatmeal cookies are so filling and delicious.  Priced at a low 15 pesos, these snacks aren’t overly sweet and are full of fiber.

Healthy, fiber rich, reduced sugar cookies.

For those who want a quick and easy salad – Fudmaster offers ready made salads.  Each salad, cookie or product sold by Fudmaster comes with a nutritional label that shows exactly the amount of vitamins and calories that each product contains.

Fudmaster’s Italian Pasta Salad.
20150618_144658 (2)
Garden fresh salad.
Fresh Fruit Salad.

Fudmaster also offers their fresh baked bread – different kinds!  Each bread has been prepared with the aid of nutritionists and food techs to create a great tasting bread as well as being good for you!

Their Wheat-Carrot loaf is pretty popular and practically flying off their shelves!
Assorted healthy pandesal!

That’s a lot of healthy stuff already! For those who are addicted to sweet fizzy drinks and unhealthy sodas, why not substitute that with Fudmaster’s healthy shakes and cool drinks?

Fudmaster is ready for all your juicing needs.
Left to Right: Grape, Pineapple cucumber, Watermelon berry.

That’s not all! For a minimum amount you can top off your drinks with these healthy seeds and powders!  These are also sold by pack too!

Macapower and Chia seeds!
Wow!!! Check these out!!

For those looking for something more substantial, Fudmasters offers the best healthy sandwiches filled with vegetables!

First up is their vegetarian lasagna with a nutritious combo of mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes and lots of other good stuff!

Vegetarian Lasagna!

They have really, really good panini sandwiches!

Roast vegetable panini.
Asian Beef sandwich. This is so good – the savory beef makes for an excellent sandwich!
Sicilian Vegetable sandwich with ham.

Fudmaster has many more surprising and delicious treats.  I’ve started a healthy habit and I’ve begun to eat a little healthier.  I just love their food!  I always get a huge takeout bag and a delicious drink!

My daily take out!


Don’t forget to come and visit fudmaster!!





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