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Beni’s Gelato and Coffee

When I was a child, I enjoyed nothing better than going to the old Celyn’s ice cream parlor with my dad and having a sundae. Time have changed and Celyn’s is no longer there but there’s a new ice cream place that has taken it’s place: Beni’s Gelato and coffee.

Beni’s Gelato and Coffee is a tiny ice cream / coffee shop located in Bacolod’s Art District. It is owned and managed by the creative minds behind Miren so you can be assured that this shop is backed up by years of experience.

Beni’s is a cute little shop located in the art district! They serve mostly gelato and coffee.

Beni’s has a tantalizing array of flavors! They are arranged temptingly in trays and the flavors are interesting and unique.

Beni’s dazzling flavors!

Apparently their best seller is their red velvet ice cream.  This comes with bits of red velvet cake and it is delicious, the chunks giving the ice cream a chewy texture.

Beni’s Red Velvet Ice cream

I love Dark Chocolate Gelato so I had another order, a double order of their brownie chunk and their dark chocolate (seen at the bottom).

Mmm! It was exquisite the way the thick chewy gelato blended together.  What’s nice about Beni’s is that their gelato is not too sweet, the flavor is just right.  The rich, slightly bitter taste of the dark chocolate gelato complemented the brownie chunks… Absolute heaven!

Chocolate Brownie and Dark Chocolate. Awesome combination.

Beni’s is located at the Art District in Mandalagan, Bacolod City. Please do try out their excellent gelato! They also serve coffee and other delicious treats so please, do come by and enjoy! Telephone number 4411432. As of 2017 they have moved inside Miren.


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