Miren Desserts cafe

For those who want cake and Ice cream in Bacolod, Miren is the place for you!

Miren Desserts Cafe

Miren is located in the art district near Lopue’s Mandalagan.  The interior of the place is bright and well lit.  The walls are decorated with Purple and Pink artwork which adds to the cozy atmosphere of the cafe.

We took a quick look at what Miren had to offer and we liked what we saw!  Miren has cakes, cookies and even sugar free cakes for those who have to watch their sugar intake.  Getting low on cash?  Miren has special buy one take one promo items too!


Miren also offers one of the yummiest frozen yogurts in Bacolod.  Bacolod food hunter Joe likes his yogurt PLAIN.

Plain Yogurt tastes delicious! For those who want toppings, Miren has extensive selections of toppings ranging from sprinkles to slabs of New York Cheesecake!

The most popular items on the menu are Ice cream sundaes and Banana splits.  Miren uses Selecta ice cream in their sundaes and rich and creamy imported chocolate syrup.  (source: We asked the cashier)   Each sundae is reasonably priced and bursting with extra toppings!

The popular one scoop sundae

We also ordered a revel bar and we were pleasantly surprised when it came to us freshly nuked so the chocolate all melted and it went so well with the warm bar… Mmm!

Revel Bar!


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