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Bacolod Chicken House: Better than Ever

The Bacolod Chicken House is better than ever.  We dined there recently and we were simply stunned at how great the chicken and the place had become.  (We hadn’t eaten there for about 6 years!)

Bacolod Chicken House

The tables had become bright and colorful things with colorful marble squares.  Beautiful and nice and easy Clean up.

But the main draw is still the chicken.  It is so dang good and perfectly roasted that the skin seems to have been fried!  It tastes so good especially once you drown your rice with chicken oil.

Chicken Inasal

The Only gripe we had was that the rice was so SMALL.  Like 1/4th cup per serving.  Oh well who cares??  Moar chicken pleez!

Moar! Moar! Moar!

3 comments on “Bacolod Chicken House: Better than Ever

  1. One question, sir… How’s their service now? For some time, we used to frequent them (various branches) for their chicken and pork, but we felt their service staff needed customer service training/seminars….

    • Martin Banana

      um… We ate at their other branch near Gaisano where it wasn’t crowded 😀

  2. crazyadmin

    I think the stalls in Manokan Country still have the best tasting Inasal in Bacolod… Not dry and very juicy, yesterday we ate there (taga bacolod ko ha) and Pecho cost P65 – not bad! but nevertheless, Chicken Haus taste okay and is conveniently located with several branches within the city but not that excellent when it comes to taste.

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