The New C’s Cafe at SMX Convention center Bacolod

C’s cafe opened their new branch at the SMX convention center Bacolod and I was there for their opening.  The management of C’s has really spared no expense in making their new branch into a beautiful, french-inspired cafe!

Welcome to the new branch of C’s!

Chef Denis Laumone designed the cafe so that it would have pronounced French influences from the way the pastries and bread are displayed to the beautiful flight stewardess-type uniforms of the staff.

The staff in their cute stewardess uniforms.

The various cakes, pastries and breads are beautifully displayed.

The Beautiful display counter.
C’s famous Croinuts are here on display!


Cast iron lamps and a mirrored french window evokes the feeling of being in a parisian cafe.

The beautiful lamps.

All of your favorite C’s specialties are here for you to enjoy! I had my favorite C’s signature cheesecake. the combination of caramel and chocolate is irresistible!

The creamy caramel taste blends so well with the chocolate. C’s signature cheesecake.

Drop by the new wing at SM bacolod to visit C’s!  You’ll feel at home in this smart and classy cafe.

Customers making a purchase.

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