Alice's Recipes

Alice’s Recipes: Good old-fashioned meals

We had the chance to finally try Alice’s recipes!  Alice’s recipes is a really cozy restaurant, located near Gaisano City, Bong Bong’s and across from Metrodome.

Alice’s dishes are mainly of the rice meal type.. You know, the typical filipino meals that you find served with garlic rice and atchara. This combination is what makes Alice’s recipes a favorite – traditional food served with no frills.  The interior of the restaurant is quite clean and comfortable.


We tried their baby back ribs and it was okay. The sweet-savory taste of the meat went very well with the garlic rice and atchara.


We also tried the chicken sisig and it was quite delicious! The sisig was given an earthy, meaty taste with the addition of liver.

We enjoyed our visit to Alice’s recipes. We weren’t disappointed with their meals. Their portion sizes were generous and we left with full tummies and satisfied appetites.

Alice’s Recipes is located at UTC building, Araneta. Telephone number 4343773

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