Chicken Wings

Crib: Chicken and Ribs

There’s a new little restaurant that serves this awesome combination of of chicken wings and ribs.  It’s called Crib and it’s located on La Salle Avenue, right next to Quan La Salle.

Cribs primarily caters to the student crowd so their prices are very affordable. However, the quality of food that they serve is really great. You really get what you pay for in this restaurant. What’s so special about Crib? Well, it’s in the way that you mix and match your food! They have different flavors for their chicken wings (our favorite is their garlic parmesan) and you can mix that with their different kinds of macaroni side dishes and a serving of ribs.

The interior of Crib.

One Combo meal is less than 150 pesos. We tried 2 kinds of wings.  The first one that we tried and that we really liked was their garlic parmesan wings.  It tasted a bit like my favorite garlic -cheese pizza.  This kind of wings are quite savory and addicting.  The ribs were well cooked and after eating this combo, it really filled me up. Sulit!

Garlic Parmesan (Left and Buffalo Wings Right)


Crib also has their specially formulated hot sauce that is insanely hot.  Try it on their ribs!  We had another order, this time we got the spicy wings!  It was good!  The spiciness and the sweet taste of the ribs is an amazing combo!

Buffalo Wings with a side of Macaroni

We then sampled their different side dishes of macaroni.  The tomato macaroni, the cheesy macaroni and the ordinary macaroni.  I recommend the cheesy mac because it pairs well with their wings.

L-R: Tomato macaroni, Cheesy macaroni, Plain macaroni.

Please drop by Crib. It’s located on La Salle Avenue, right between the Capitolville gate and Quan La Salle.  Their meals are great and their prices are reasonable. Mabubusog ka talaga.


1 comment on “Crib: Chicken and Ribs

  1. seems like there are many new restaurants in Bacolod since I last visited I will keep this
    in mind and try all the new restaurants when I visit next time

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