Eat all you can shawarma

Eat all you can Shawarma and Shawarma Rice!

It’s amazing how Bacoleños love Shawarma.  It is simply amazing how this middle eastern sandwich has captured the hearts and bellies of Bacoleños everywhere!    We have the famous Shawarma ni Kulas, and now another new Shawarma place has become extremely popular.  It’s eat all you can Shawarma!  Homesitté Shawarma is its name!   Bacoleños love a good deal and eat all you can shawarma is too good of a deal to pass up!!

The entrance to Homesitté Shawarma with their take out counter.

For starters, this is a shawarma restaurant run right out of a garage.  The owner converted their house into a shawarma restaurant.

This is how the garage area looks.  It’s simple, spartan but clean and comfy.  Click on the picture to view the 360 degree Panorama and see the place in 3D.


The place has only two things on the menu, Shawarma wraps and Shawarma rice.  You can get Shawarma rice with unlimited rice refills for 75 pesos or eat all you can shawarma wraps for 149 pesos!

Shawarma Rice with unlimited rice refills.. No meat refills unfortunately!

Their wraps are great too!  I got the Unlimited Wrap deal.  The owner, a nice middle aged lady was chatting with us and said the most anyone has ever eaten was seven!

I could only finish THREE.  The others were urging me to eat more.. lol.

How does the food taste?  Well.. it’s filipinized shawarma.  You won’t get the authentic middle eastern garlic sauce or the spices but for the legions of customers the food is good enough.   The place fills up pretty quickly and they all want one thing! Shawarma!

Seriously, the shawarma here tastes fresh and better than Shawarma ni Kulas.  You don’t have mystery meat lying about.  You get freshly cooked beef.  The pita wraps are soft  and newly made.  It doesn’t have the stale-dish rag texture of days old pita bread.  Everything is freshly made.  This is what makes this restaurant popular and this is why home-based restaurants are awesome.

The meat is being cooked!

The place fills up remarkably fast.. On some nights you’ll have to settle for take out!  Please give this restaurant a try whenever you have the craving for shawarma!

“Homesitté Shawarma” is located at Block 3 Paglaum Street, Brgy. Montevista, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

Telephone number: (034) 707 6153





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  1. Open ni kung sunday?

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