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Tyrol Restaurant: Our Little Slice of Austria in Bacolod

The dining landscape here in Bacolod is fast becoming a joyous melange of global plates.  The revolving staples of Chinese, Japanese and Italian cuisines that the old families rely on for their nightly outings have evolved and have been supplanted with the tastes of Korea, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Mexico, and now, Austria.  As Bacolod City grows in size, so does its palate.


Tyrol restaurant is a most welcome addition to the Bacolod family of international cuisine.  This is conveniently tucked at the far end of 12th Street Lacson, near Mayfair Plaza. It opened early January 2014 to a sampling of fantastic dishes and great company. It has an unassuming entrance with the red Austrian seal emblazoned at its gates. Inside, you will find both BACA (Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts) and adjoining it, Tyrol restaurant. Ample parking space is provided.

The pioneering batch of B.A.C.A students at the opening.

Chef-restaurateurs, Marcel , Gunther and Daniel form the core group that operates BACA and by extension, Tyrol.  With their passion for food, we are excited that they are bringing their home flavors of Germany and Austria. This is how far Bacolod has gone in expanding its culinary palate.

The open kitchen concept is innovative and increases the sense of space of Tyrol

The place is well-appointed. Decorated in subdued hues of wood, palettes of yellow and vermilion, and furnished with locally-made wooden furniture.  Tyrol evokes the atmosphere of a rustic yet modern Austrian countryside. The clean lines, the open kitchen and spacious dining area make it a great place to bring your family or your special someone. They even have an acacia-shaded al fresco area which is perfect for drinking a cold glass of European beer on a warm summer night.


The plates are meat-&-potato heavy with rich flavors and balanced sauces.  I tasted a sample of pork knuckle and it was outstanding.  It was cooked perfectly; the meat buttery soft with a right amount of gelatinous fat.  This alone would be enough to go back. Another hit for Tyrol are their cold cuts and their choice of sausages.  Hearty and spicy that each mouthful craves for another slice. Paired with their sweetish mustard, the savoriness of the sausage is doubly accentuated. It was a simple combination but now I realized how delicious and sophisticated the pairing was. It was like reward and punishment all at once that your poor brain does nothing but surrender to such deliciousness.

This is a sliced pork knuckle confit – very tender and succulent, and the brown sauce with the jus rich with pork stock.
The pepper-crusted seared ahi tuna is delicately balanced with the savory taste of the fish and the peppery bite. This is a winning appetizer.
The sausages were porky and melts in your mouth. And the artisanal Dijon mustard mixture was the perfect foil with it sweet-bitter taste

Tyrol, being Austrian and by influence Germanic, is great in baking Eurocentric bread, but what impressed me most are the home-baked pretzels.  A chewy malty knot (Thank you, Maillard Reaction!) studded with a scattering of sea salt tasted far superior than those we find packed in foil. Its saltiness contrasted with the sweetness of the bread. Paired this with their sausages, then you will have a perfect drinking snack!

These pretzels were the best-tasting beer snack. Fresh, hot and chewy, the salty crust providing a delicious counterpoint.

Besides the fare, service has been attentive, brisk and cheery.  The staff were in a good mood during the opening, and were knowledgeable about the food (which I think is very important considering Austrian cuisine is rare in our local gastronomic scene.)  The atmosphere pervading in Tyrol is one that is full of Germanic joie d’vivre (think: raucous Oktoberfests) which would surely strike a similar chord in any Negrense. This zest for life is reflected in their fare- robust flavors, hearty proteins and German beer. Perfect.

Verdict? Highly Recommended.

A plate of cold cuts and canapes

Tyrol is located at  12th Lacson Street,, Mayfair Place
Bacolod City 6100, Philippines   RESERVATIONS ARE ADVISED.
(034)708 0790

Open Mondays to sundays 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 11 pm



4 comments on “Tyrol Restaurant: Our Little Slice of Austria in Bacolod

  1. I am pissed. Drove two hours, got hotel room, took my wife and daughter for Valentine day after dinner, got parking space, then the guard asked if we had a reservation. No tables available. Nowhere on their site does it mention suggested or necessary to make a reservation. No email address or mobile phone given, only landline. Totally ruined a planned evening with/for my ladies. Ended up trying Txachos, which the women hated. Should have just looked at the menu, realize they wouldn’t like much, and walked over to Moon’s Mexican or even better off at Big Shwarmas. Then back at our hotel, where romance was now out of the question anyway, I got so sick the hotel called the rescue squad as I passed out and had vomit coming out of my nose. If I ever bother going back to Tyrol I plan on having a major tete a tete with the friggin owners. Ended up spending, wasting a bunch of money and the night just kept getting worse. Actually pissed doesn’t come close, totally disgusted as two days and many pesos were gone. I am only lucky that my wife and college attending daughter appreciated my efforts. Only saving grace was our usual hotel in Bacolod serves a very nice breakfast and by then I was feeling good enough to enjoy it. Rescue squad wanted me in a hospital, having had 4 cancer surgeries in the last 2 years I decided if I was going to die, the hotel was preferable. I am a retired chef, this was inexcusable. Even offered major bribe and wait for a table and was turned away. Hell, at that point I would have gone and bought a table and 3 chairs somewhere and sat outside. The only thing I am trying my best to do here is refrain from the language I would normally use in deference to possible readers.

  2. Dear Meyeshua,

    thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    We are very sorry for your streak of unfortunate circumstances that happened to you during your Bacolod trip starting with no available table at Tyrol Restaurant.

    We have been fully booked for Valentines day and we are sorry for not being able to offer you a free table at the time of your arrival.

    There are actually both of our numbers posted on our website Land line: 034-7031878 and Mobile 0906-3357564 to conveniently contact us to make reservations.

    We have picked up your suggestion to recommend making reservations ahead of time and added it to the website. Thank you.

    Tyrol Restaurant

  3. Yes, generally the weekends are just as busy and reservations are really helpful.

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