Homesitte Shawarma: Eat all you can shawarma for only 169 pesos!

A year ago we wrote about Homesitte Shawarma and their eat all you can shawarma promo. Now – a year later they’ve really improved and have some cool new menu items!

Homesitte shawarma is run out of a converted garage and garden.  One can eat and dine in their garage area or those looking for a take out can go to their take out window.

What really sets this shawarma place apart from all the rest in Bacolod is that they have an eat all you can offer on shawarma from 1pm-4pm! For only 169 php you could eat as much as you can on shawarma wraps and for 85 pesos, have unlimited rice with your shawarma!

Eat all you can shawarma wraps and eat all you can unli rice!

The owner told me that she had been cooking shawarma now for over 19 years. She was the first to put up a shawarma stall in Lopues San Sebastian. I remember being a little kid and lining up to try shawarma at their stall.

This is their shawarma wrap.  It’s pretty filling and they have the hottest hot sauce!

Their eat all you can shawarma wraps are well-made and filling. You get a generous portion of meat and vegetables.

Their shawarma rice is pretty good too. I love drizzling my rice with their white sauce.


Homesitte shawarma also has a dozen other things on their menu as well as combo meals but the one thing that I really really like and personally recommend is their pastillas Halo-Halo.

You get a sumptuous leche-flan topped Halo-Halo but instead of ube jam Homesitte shawarma uses creamy, caramel pastillas! It’s so good! I love caramel and I highly recommend this excellent Halo-Halo.

Creamy Caramel Halo-Halo. This is so good. You must try this now!


Please come give Homesitte shawarma a visit!  Whether it’s for the eat-all-you-can or the excellent Halo-Halo – you’ll really enjoy your experience!

Homesitte Shawarma is located at Homesite. Block 3 outside, Lot 29, PHHC, Brgy. Montevista, Bacolod City.

Telephone numbers  707-6153

Celphone number: 0922 860 2459



1 comment on “Homesitte Shawarma: Eat all you can shawarma for only 169 pesos!

  1. The Best shawarma and the hottest sauce i have ever tasted here in Bacolod and probably the whole Philippines! 🙂

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