Imay’s : Fun dining at a seafood restaurant.

The hot summer sun shone relentlessly down on Bacolod, stimulating the appetites of the Bacolod food hunters.

“I want to go to Balaring! ” A Bacolod food hunter moaned.

But Balaring was too far and everyone was already very hungry so we went to another seafood restaurant:  Imay’s!

Imay’s is near McDonald’s Lacson.

The Bacolod Food hunters noticed a huge flock of parked cars outside Imay’s.

“This is a good sign,  It’s a popular restaurant.” quipped Ilovepork.

As we entered we gasped in amazement.  Imay’s was FULL!  There were hordes of people having lunch!

Full of people!

Fortunately one of The Bacolod Food Hunters was a nephew of the owner and they were ushered to a vacant table.

Martin Banana took the opportunity to enjoy Imay’s interesting decorations.  They were simple yet gave the impression that the diner was at the beach or at a beach-side restaurant.

An undersea themed wall with wooden fishes. Very nice.

Smile liked the Fish shaped lantern-like thingies hanging from the ceiling.

A butete hangs above the cashier.

Imay’s is known for their seafood and their Filipino food.  So the Bacolod Food hunters decided to place their orders.  Despite the packed restaurant, the food arrived quickly and the Bacolod food hunters began tucking in.

Crispy Pata
SeaFood Kare Kare

We had a lot of fun at Imay’s.  The food was good. It was your typical Filipino seafood restaurant.  Good, simple unassuming.

This attention to quality and simplicity has resulted to success for Imay’s.  Lots of people chose to dine here for lunch. and get their seafoood fix.  Imay’s is a good family restaurant.

The Bacolod food hunters noted that Buto’t Balat next to Imay’s had NO customers!   We thought of the possible reason.

The name Buto’t Balat sounds unusual.  The Bacolod foodhunters know that Buto’t Balat refers to the skin and bones used to make fish soup. It’s a Tagalog thing.

However to the typical Negrense.  It seems to convey that you will be eating skin and bones and not get your money’s worth!

IMAYS is located at 6th street, Bacolod City

Telephone number: 434 4700

Opening hours: 9am – 11pm


15 comments on “Imay’s : Fun dining at a seafood restaurant.

  1. The food in this place is okay, but the service is nothing short of HORRIBLE!!!

    My wife, son, and I went to lunch at Imays one Sunday after church. The place was busy but that’s no excuse for terrible service. Imay’s has been in business a long time and should know from past experience that Sunday afternoons are busy.

    Anyway, after sitting for about 10 minutes someone finally took our order. I ordered barbecued ribs. It took another 10 or 15 minutes before our drinks arrived. My wife followed our food order up three times and was assured each time that our order would be right out. 45 minutes after placing our order a woman (I think the manager) came to our table to inform us they were out of ribs.

    We had sat there for over an hour and still had nothing to eat. I told her I’d pay for our drinks and that we were leaving. She said (get this!!), the rest of your order is ALMOST done so you’ll have to pay for that too. I hit the ceiling!! I threw some money on the counter to cover our drinks and told her to call the police. WHAT A CROCK OF CRAP!! Any half way decent restaurant would have apologized profusely, comped the drinks, and asked that we give them another chance sometime in the future.

    Imay’s, along with Bar 21, are two restaurants I’d never set foot in again.

    • monkz777

      I agree with you Jim the food they serve okay but the service is very far from okay! I’ve been there once and I will not visit that place again because I feel like being harass or insulted you can call that,.. the situation is this we went there with my cousins, we sat there and then I started calling the waiter It took a while for him to hear my voice and he’s like 5meters away from me and this is ugly part by the time he hears me he pointed me to another of his crew so I called the other guy for his attention like 4x and guess what? i looks like he didn’t heard me.. so its a good thing we have McDonald’s..hahahhah

  2. I took my wife’s parents there for what we thought would be a really nice dinner. It was packed. We were seated quite fast. The food was very slow to come and was just ok. It was alittle on the high side. I ordered ribs. Boy, if those were ribs it must have been a huge animal!!!!!

  3. bob whitton

    well have to gree with comments made,,i and my wife have had bad exsperiances at IMAYS,,soooo sad to say,,here is another couple who will stay clear,,, bob//brenda

  4. very informative sight, thanks for putting all this restaurant.

  5. BUTO’T BALAT IS BETTER THAN IMAYS.I JUST WONDERING WHY FLOCK OF PEOPLE VISIT THAT PLACE WHEREUS BUTOT’ BALAT HAVE NONE.BB’s squid sisig is highly recommended compared to Imay’s!and their service if very far from BB.too bad BB have low marketing strategy that’s why you can see many people preferred Imay’s than BUTO’T BALAT

    • i am planning to go to bacolod for a food trip in 2 weeks time. i’ll try butot balat then.

  6. Horrible service. And technically, buto’t balat was the first restaurant in 6th street. A former cook from buto’t was pirated to imay’s when they first opened.

  7. Lamonista

    Shempre biased yung review nito kasi kasama nyo pamangkin ng may ari ng Imays. I’ve been to Imay’s once and the service was horrible. I’d rather go to Aboy’s or Buto’t Balat instead.

  8. Newbie

    sana magpost din kau ng menu or prices sa mga restaurant na napupuntahan nio hehe! anyways nice blog! 😀

  9. seafood_lover

    You can also try the new Iren’s Diner at the back of Westnegros University where the shopping livertad north bound jeep pass by…Iren’s Diner was specialized in Native Filipino Seafood dishes at its affordable price.

  10. Wilhelm Lizada

    Hello sir, I am a writer from USA Publications, University of San Agustin Iloilo City, and currently, I am writing about the flavors of Bacolod for our tabloid issue. I found this article, “Imay’s : Fun dining at a seafood restaurant,” sir I would like to ask for your permission if I could quote a phrase or a sentence from the said article? …and also if we could borrow some of the pictures posted. We assure to you sir that these pictures would be properly cited. thank you very much sir and more power to Bacolod Food Hunters!

    • Martin Banana

      Yes you may. 🙂 feel free to use the photos as long as you give us credit and send us a copy of the magazine. 🙂
      We’d love to read your article

      Address is:
      Bacolod Food Hunters c/o
      Guido Nijssen
      Negros Museum
      Gatuslao street
      Bacolod City

  11. Jim Custer

    Wow!! Martin, you’re about to become world famous!!


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